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You love your pets and want only the best for them. You also want to spend more time enjoying your fur babies and less time cleaning up after them. A great way to save time is by having your cat litter delivered right to your door. When considering a cat litter subscription, you might be wondering “Is Skoon good for my cat?” Skoon not only provides the best cat litter for odor control, but also provides health benefits for your cat, you, and the environment.

Skoon Is Great for Your Fur Baby

Skoon Is Great for Your Fur Baby | Skoon Cat Litter
With Skoon’s low-dust cat litter, you’ll enjoy a healthy and happy fur baby.

Have you ever thought about how your cat’s litter is affecting your pet’s health? Skoon kitty litter is certified as non-toxic, low dust, and hypoallergenic. Because it is made of small rocks and pebbles, your cat can’t inhale it like other kitty litters. Additionally, when your cat cleans its paws and fur, you can rest assured no silica dust will be ingested, which can cause dehydration or blockage in the intestines. With Skoon’s low-dust cat litter, you’ll enjoy a healthy and happy fur baby.

Skoon Is the Perfect Fit for Your Cat


When choosing a cat litter, you want to think about your own health too. Traditional cat litters can pose health risks to both humans and cats. The crystalline dust in clay-based cat litters poses a possible health threat when inhaled by humans, according to Katie Machol Simon with Creative Loafing. Skoon provides a dust-free cat litter box making cleanup a breeze and reduces the dust you might inhale. With an odor-free and clean home, you’ll feel less stressed and healthier when you subscribe to Skoon.

Skoon Is Good for the Earth

Skoon Is Good for the Earth | Skoon Cat Litter
Skoon is earth-friendly because it’s made of diatomite.

Selecting a hypoallergenic cat litter isn’t just good for you and your pet, it’s also good for the planet. Clay litter is made by strip mining over two million tons of clay in the United States every year. This leaves behind disturbed soil and plants that must eventually be returned to its natural state. But making the clay litter isn’t the only damage it does to the earth. After it is used, it is then tossed into our landfills. Skoon is earth-friendly because it’s made of diatomite. Diatomite are concentrated deposits of diatoms, the same fossils that once produced the oxygen that we breathe today. The diatomite is broken down into pebble-sized pieces and no smaller, trapping odors and minimizing dust. Not only will your cat thank you for choosing Skoon, but the earth will thank you too.Make your cat, yourself, and the environment healthier but starting your Skoon cat litter subscription today. You can choose from two options: a disposable inherently biodegradable litter box or if you prefer your own litter box, a bag both delivered right to your door. You’ll never have to haul those heavy bags from the grocery store again.


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