The Ultimate Cat Litter Subscription for Absolute Odor Control

Skoon's cat litter subscription contains highly absorbent diatom pebbles that completely eliminate odors, keeping you and your kitty happy!
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Choose the Best Cat Litter Subscription For You

Choose the Best Litter For You

Handpick the kitty litter your cat will purr for; from our original pebbles to scented litter, fine grain, and disposable litter boxes.

Choose the number of furbabies

Whether you have one cat or 20, we'll help you determine just how much Skoon natural cat litter you need to keep your favorite felines smelling fine.

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Skoon aligns to your lifestyle. We fit your schedule with flexible delivery options that bring your lightweight cat litter right to your door.

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How Skoon Revolutionized the Cat Litter Subscription Game

Skoon started as an idea to solve the biggest problem in cat companionship– how to manage the kitty ink stink.

We searched far and wide for the perfect all-natural substance and discovered the magic behind absorbing diatom pebbles’ extra-absorbent structure. We reduced the size to be low-dust and hypoallergenic. Then, we purr-fected our unique low heat-thermal activation process to ensure we reached maximum absorbency.

Thanks to science, we knew we found the magic mix for that smell-free fix and still checked all our important boxes:

  • All-natural and non-toxic
  • 100% odor control and absorbency
  • Easy and convenient clean-up for maximum cat cuddle time

Feline Favorites

Browse our best-selling Skoon cat litter, supplements and other products.

  • Original Absorbing Pebbles

    For the Classic Cat

    For the classic cat the eco friendly cat litter that started it all

    Our super-absorbent diatom pebbles take the stink out of your kitty’s ink. All natural, non-toxic, and good for the environment. Skoon is the easiest litter to maintain so you’ll spend less time cleaning, and more time cuddling your furry friend.

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  • Fine Grain

    For the Self-Cleaning Litter BoxFor Self-Cleaning kitty litter boxes

    For Self-Cleaning litter boxes

    Love Skoon’s diatom pebbles but wish they were compatible with self-cleaning boxes? We’ve heard your plea and are happy to announce Skoon’s Fine Grain variety! Same odor-absorbing powers with a softer feel and compatibility with self-cleaning litter boxes. Our kitty litter is more than fine. It’s Purr-fect!

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  • Probiotics

    For Tummy Health

    Boost your cat’s digestive and immune health

    Strengthen your kitty’s digestive health. Promote regularity and prevent the growth of harmful gut bacteria. Your healthy cat will thank you!

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Cats love Skoon

100% Odor Control Guaranteed

If you and your cat don't love Skoon, you will get your money back no questions asked.

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Vet's Seal of Approval

“Most litters can create a wide range of cat health problems including diarrhea, vomiting, and respiratory problems. I love that Skoon provides a safe, all-natural, non-toxic, and low dust formula for all your cat and kitten’s needs.”

Dr. Jackie Duenas, Veterinarian

Amazing Benefits for You and Your Amazing Cat

Don’t let your cat’s stink get you down

Skoon is here to help. Made from all-natural diatoms, each porous pebble completely soaks up kitty tinkles, trapping the smell while keeping the box dry and fresh so you and your furbaby can breathe easier.

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Dump the Clump with an Easier-to-Clean Kitty Litter

Say “goodbye” to muddy clumps left behind by kitty tinkles. Our super absorbent diatom pebbles trap moisture without the clumping, making clean-up a breeze. The only thing you’ll have to scoop is the occasional poop, which just sits on top and is easily removed.

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Breathe Easier with a Litter Box You can Trust

When you love cats as much as we do, you don’t settle for anything less than the real deal. That’s why Skoon is non-toxic, 100% natural and inherently biodegradable. Our pebbles are low-dust and hypoallergenic making it healthy for the whole family. Now that’s something to purr about.

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Cut your Cat Chore Time in Half!

Skoon’s non-tracking properties keep the super-absorbant litter from spreading around the house and our specially designed disposable litter box makes switching out the litter a dream-come true. Be liberated from litter box chores once and for all! Your cat will certainly thank you.

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