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How do Diatom Pebbles Eliminate Litter Box Odors?

How Diatom Pebbles Make Skoon Effective At Controlling Odors

How Diatom Pebbles Make Skoon Effective At Controlling Odors

Skoon is one of the most revolutionary cat litters on the market, and for a good reason. It is one of the most effective brands at controlling odors available for cat owners today! The secret lies within our diatom pebbles. This material is one that literally works wonders and does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to keeping your litter box low maintenance and smelling great.All you have to do is scoop the cat poop off the top as it happens and stir your Skoon daily so that the kitty tinkles get absorbed. The diatom pebbles do the rest!It really is that easy.But how does this amazing cat litter type of material work, how is it made, and is it even safe to use? We’re here to give you the inside scoop on the science behind Skoon.Diatom pebbles are pretty amazing and here’s why:

What Are Diatom Pebbles Exactly?

What Are Diatom Pebbles Exactly?Diatom pebbles are actually fossilized algae called diatoms.Diatomsare a significant group of single-celled algae. They’re most commonly found in the oceans, waterways and soils from around the world. These little organisms generate about 20 percent of the oxygen for all of the planet! Pretty incredible for something so tiny.The fossilized cells of this dead algae contain cell walls that make the pebbles super absorbent, keeping moisture down significantly. Not only does it absorb liquids at an incredible rate, but theantimicrobial propertiesof the pebbles also maintain the litter box sanitary and super effective at controlling odors.

Is it the Same as Diatomaceous Earth?

 Is it the Same as Diatomaceous Earth?While diatom pebbles are derived from diatomite — the same substance diatomaceous earth is made out of — the two substances are very different.Diatomaceous earth is pounded and ground into a fine powder that can often be sold with other additives mixed in. Depending on the product, chemicals or minerals can be snuck into diatomaceous earth.Skoondoesn’t diminish our all-natural cat litter by adding any foreign substances to our diatom pebbles. Our material is taken directly from diatomite and chipped into pebbles before undergoing a heating process. This heating process ensures its absorbing structure.

Porous and Super Absorbent

Porous and Super Absorbent The most incredible part about this cat litter type is that diatom pebbles have one of the highest absorbances of any material. Materials made from diatomitecan absorb approximately 145 percent of their weight in oil. So, of course, it can handle cat pee in the form of Skoon.Not only does it keep your litter box dry, but it also keeps it odor-free. It really feels miraculous.Diatomite isn’t just used in kitty litter. In fact, it’s often used for water filtration, light aggregate, fillers and as absorbents on the United States market.This is all thanks to just how porous the material is, the small particle size and high surface area.It really is a unique and fantastic material! And that uniqueness is what transforms your litter box from a standard, run-of-the-mill smelly nuisance to a true sanctuary for your favorite feline.It’s so effective at controlling odors, your house guests will forget you even have a cat!

Non-Toxic And Safe for Your Cat

Non-Toxic And Safe for Your CatOne of the best parts of Skoon’s diatom pebbles being a form of all-natural cat litter is just how safe it is. It is naturally non-toxic (with the certification to prove it), low dust and hypoallergenic.Our diatom pebbles are the perfect size to keep your cat safe. There’s no risk for inhalation at its current size. It’s purr-fectly safe and healthy for everyone in your home whether they have four legs or two!And the best part? If your baby (either of the fur or human variety) happens to ingest a diatom pebble, there’s no reason to panic. The pebble is the perfect size to pass through without harming anyone’s digestive tract. Talk about peace of mind!Rest assured, there are no secret, potentially harmful chemicals added into Skoon kitty litter. The super controlling odors powers are all-natural and based on the unique structure of the diatom pebbles. And to further prove just how safe our all-natural cat litter is,Skoonhas undergone thorough third-party toxicity testing to ensure its safety.Anyone can viewthe official toxicity reporthere to see firsthand just how Skoon’s cat litter ingredients are well known and have a history of safe use in the marketplace. There are no reports of adverse effects or reactions.

Safe for the Environment

Safe for the EnvironmentWhat’s better than knowing your house isn’t stinking 24/7? Knowing that you can achieve that odor-free space without destroying the planet. One of the best perks of Skoon’s diatom pebbles is just how environmentally friendly it is.Because the material is naturally derived from fossilized algae and contains no chemical additives, Skoon’s diatom pebbles are inherently biodegradable.When paired with our cardboard disposable litter box, you have the perfect package to toss out and forget about it.Not smelling and safe for the planet? Now that’s something to feel good about.


Special Varieties to Meet All Preferences

Here’s the best part. Skoon’s diatom pebbles aren’t just rocks anymore. Cat owners can rejoice in having the variety to pick what works best for both you and your cat.Want some added boost at controlling odors?Skoonis now available in scents such as lavender and lemon. Does your furbaby have picky or sensitive paws when it comes to textures? Never fear! Skoon now offers diatom pebbles in a fine grain texture (and it still is super odor absorbent!).

Skoon Users LOVE Diatom Pebbles

Skoon Users LOVE Diatom PebblesWhen you read reviews for our kitty litter, it’s plain to see that our cat-loving community raves aboutSkoon’s odor-absorbing powers. Diatom pebbles really have changed the face of cat litter. What used to be a chore full of a clumpy, smelly mess is now low-maintenance and reliable at controlling odors.And isn’t having a house that doesn’t smell like cat pee the one thing all cat lovers long for? Now you’ve found the solution.But the reviews will even tell you — you can’t forget your daily stirring of your litter box to ensure that the power of the controlling odor is activated. This ensures thatSkoonis evenly distributed so that absorption happens. If the litter box is too saturated in one area, then it won’t work. Spread it around and watch Skoon work its magic. So don’t forget that very important stirring!

Ready to Try Skoon?

Ready to Try Skoon?If you’re ready to revolutionize everything you’ve ever known about kitty litter — here is your chance! Not only do our diatom pebbles absorb the moisture of kitty stink, but it also traps the odor so effortlessly, we actually guarantee your litter box will be 100 percent odor-controlled.That’s right! We believe in our specialty diatom pebbles so much; we will give you your money back if you are not satisfied with our product. Simply sign up for a 30-day free trial and cancel any time if you find thatSkoonis not for you.We are pretty confident you’ll fall in love with less mess and better smelling home, but we’ll let you discover that yourself.


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