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An Eco-Friendly Cat Litter

Eco-Friendly Cat Litter | Skoon Cat Litter

An Eco-Friendly & Odor-Controlling Cat Litter

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Finding the perfect healthy cat litter for your cuddly cat can feel like a never-ending struggle. You want to find a healthy, environmentally-friendly cat litter that reduces your kitty’s carbon pawprint and makes the world a cleaner place.It also needs to get rid of nasty pet odors and not leave your home a mess.While many litters may brand themselves as eco-friendly, there are several important elements to look for as you choose the best litter for odor control, the environment and your home.


Dust and Allergens

Dust is an often overlooked environmental no-no. Not only does it dirty up the air we breathe, but it can also make you — and your cat — sick. Dust from many traditional litters can contain toxins, allergens and hidden chemicals that cause respiratory illness.As you search for an odor-control cat litter, look for one that is naturally hypoallergenic and low-dust. And remember, even synthetic litters that claim to be “dust-free” will still produce some amount of dust. The important thing is that the dust be minimal and toxin-free.




After you’ve had your kitty for a while, you’ve likely started to pick up that the type of cat litter materials and the level of odor control within the litter go hand in hand. Most clay cat litters become easily saturated with kitty byproducts. It doesn’t take long to start stinking once that happens. In an effort to mask the stink, many clay cat litters often come in scented varieties that don’t do much to help the actual problem.While you’re stuck at home, those litter box smells can really start to get to you. Imagine what they’re doing to your kitty!Skoon offers the best eco-friendly cat litter for odor control while also making a positive environmental impact. Instead of mining clay for cat litter, Skoon uses naturally-occurring deposits from one small section of the world to create lightweight, odor-absorbing pebbles that composes your kitty’s litter. Without the heavy mining and machinery, and because of the cat litter itself, Skoon reduces its environmental impact just by doing what we do best: providing the best cat litter for odor control (and the environment) the world has ever seen.

Sustainability & Biodegradability

Make sure that the litter you use is developed using sustainable practices. Clay litters are often stripe-mined, which kills native wildlife and destroys their natural habitats. It also results in the dumping of tons of silt into waterways which can harm aquatic life and habitats as well. Silica is also stripe-mined and often excavated from the earth’s beaches. Plus, traditional cat litters made from clay and silica result in thousands of tons of litter that fill up landfills each year. And on top of that, these formulas take thousands of years to break down.Biodegradable cat litters use natural ingredients and organic compounds that break down quickly as they return and replenish the earth. Many of these litters are even compostable and can be used to nurture plants (non-edible, of course.)Instead, search for a litter that is naturally occurring and can be formulated without depleting precious resources. Who knew that using biodegradable cat litter is one of the easiest ways to help the environment?


Non-Tracking | Skoon Cat Litter

Clumping litters are tracking litters, and tracking litters can cause big problems. Not only do they leave messes all over your home, but the chemicals used to encourage clumping can be toxic when ingested. That means that when your kitty is cleaning her paws, she is being put at risk.A non-tracking litter is a safe and healthier alternative for your cat and the environment.






Go Green with Skoon

Eco-Friendly Cat Litter | Skoon Cat Litter

Skoon cat litter is eco-friendly — good for your cat and good for the earth. It’s made of highly absorbent, naturally-occurring diatom pebbles that trap funky cat smells and create a 99% dust-free, non-tracking litter box. Our litter is hypoallergenic to keep your home and pets healthy. Skoon is sustainable and inherently biodegradable, helping you reduce your cat’s effect on the environment.


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