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Looking Closer at Dusty, Non-Hypoallergenic Cat Litter

Looking Closer at Dusty, Non-Hypoallergenic Cat Litter | Skoon Cat Litter

You love your cat. He doesn’t get lonely but loves to cuddle. He’s independent and can entertain himself when you’re not at home. One thing you don’t love about your cat is the daily duty of cleaning out his litter box. It smells bad and when you pour the fresh litter into the litter box, dust flies up and can make you cough and sneeze. Cleaning out your cat’s litter box is a very unpleasant part of your day. Learn more about why hypoallergenic cat litter is best for your cat.

Dusty Cat Litter May Cause Silicosis

Sure, sneezing and coughing from cat litter dust isn’t the worst thing. But did you know the dust from some cat litters can potentially cause a lung disease called silicosis? The disease is caused by microscopic particles called silica dust, according to the American Lung Association. When you pour the litter or your cat steps in and out of the litter box, silica dust is kicked up and you and your cat breathe it in, coating the lungs. Too much exposure to silica dust increases the likelihood of developing silicosis.



Clay Cat Litter May Cause Intestinal Blockage when Digested

We all know cats clean themselves using their tongues, but few of us think about the kitty litter particles cats intake as they lick their fur and paws. One harmful chemical in cat litter that ends up in cats’ stomach is sodium bentonite. Sodium bentonite is used in clay litter. It causes the litter to clump,which is supposed to make it easier to remove pee and prevent smell. When clay litter is ingested, it causes intestinal blockage and dehydration, according to an article on cltampa.com. Because the intestinal blockage can cause major health problems, clay litter should especially not be used for kittens.

Solution: Buy Skoon

So what’s to be done? Kitty litter can be hazardous to both people and cats, yet it is essential. Skoon kitty litter is a hypoallergenic cat litter that is also a low-dust cat litter. It’s 4x lighter than regular cat litter and is 99% dust-free.Is Skoon good for my cat? Yes! It’s great for your cat and convenient for you. The cat litter is delivered right to your door in a disposable litter box. Made of all-natural diatom pebbles, Skoon doesn’t clump while soaking up the moisture and smell making it the best cat litter box for odor control. Skoon is not a clay-based material, so it’s a dust-free cat litter box. It’s the best cat litter box subscription out there.Keep you and your cat safe by switching to Skoon today.


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