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Skoon Is Made from Diatomaceous Earth

In recent years, pet owners have taken more of an interest in what their animals are exposed to. For cat owners, keeping track of the ingredients in cat litter brands and their cat’s food has become just as important as their cat’s health. With the rising popularity of natural ingredients, an emphasis on being aware of their properties and effects has taken precedence.And while diatomaceous earth is great for a lot of things, there has been a lot of talk about the health effects of diatomaceous cat litter. Is it good for your cat? Is Skoon cat litter made with it? We’re here to clear the air.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

Most people know diatomaceous earth as a natural powder used in health supplements and pest prevention gardening products. If we dive a little bit further, though, diatomaceous earth is actually a sedimentary blend of fossilized aquatic organisms called diatoms. Skeletal silica deposits of these diatoms can be found in the silt of common waterways, where it is often harvested.Diatomaceous earth is a natural byproduct. Because of its fine, powdery composition, it’s great as an encapsulated health supplement or pest preventative. For the same reasons, though, it would not be suitable to be used at kitty litter or anything other than its intended market use. Please be sure to read all labels and terms of use on any diatomaceous earth products to avoid potential health hazards.

Is Skoon Cat Litter Diatomaceous Earth?

The quick answer? No. However, diatomaceous earth and Skoon pebbles do have one common link: diatomite.The difference, though, is all in the production.Skoon kitty litter and diatomaceous earth originate from diatomite. Diatomite is sourced as large boulders of compressed and fossilized diatoms, as well as other sedimentary minerals that solidified in the mix.Once the diatomite is mined, it’s shipped to two commercial processing centers: one source of diatomite is ground and even combined with other ingredients to create diatomaceous earth, and the other is sent directly to Skoon.Any powdery, dusty diatomaceous earth kitty litter would be terrible for your kitty and your home.At Skoon, the diatomite is not processed nor is it made to be a natural byproduct. The diatomite boulders used for Skoon are only broken down into pebbles — not powder. Because the diatomite pebbles used in Skoon kitty litter are only chipped off and heat-treated to ensure product durability, your kitty is receiving pure, biodegradable, organic and dust-free kitty litter. And may we add from our own biased opinions, the best natural kitty litter on the market.


The Natural Ingredients Skoon Recommends

While traditional cat litters are composed of clay ingredients, Skoon is redefining the standard.Skoon will always recommend simple, unscented, and pet-safe ingredients.While diatomaceous earth can be beneficial when used as recommended, our diatomite pebble blend is even better when it comes to cat litter. With Skoon’s naturally-absorbent, lightweight pebbles, you can reap all the rewards of a winning cat litter made from organic and natural ingredients.At Skoon, we’ve engineered a better kitty litter alternative naturally, to bring the best cat litter to your home. We’ve done the hard work and the science required to make a fantastic kitty litter for your cat. Test Skoon kitty litter out today!


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