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Silica Cat Litter vs. Clay Cat Litter vs. Skoon Cat Litter

It lurks in the shadows. It hides in corners, under cabinets, and in the recesses of your home. You can’t see it, but you can smell it. You know it’s there. Tiny clumps lead you to it in a trail of icky, sticky, gunk.Your kitty companion deserves the very best. You’ve researched the highest rated vets, the safest toys, and the most nutritious food, but have you stopped to think about your litter?Kitty litter brands love to rattle off their selling points — fresh scent, no clumps, odor-free, flushable! But it’s time to break it down and take a closer look. Here’s the down-low on where your cat has to go.

Clay Cat Litter

Clay cat litter is a broad term for any clay-based material that absorbs its weight in liquid. It’s the oldest form of litter out there, so it could use a few updates.Sure, clay litter absorbs its weight in liquid, but once it reaches capacity, it’s not absorbing any more. Soiled clay litter creates a buildup in excess liquid and super smelly smell, so you have to clean the box and change the entire batch of litter frequently.And no matter how often you change the box, there’s nothing you can do about the dust.Clay kitty litter brands are dusty kitty litter brands. This dust can cause nasty upper-respiratory issues in our feline friends, and it makes your home nasty too. Feeling a tickle in your throat? Oh yeah. The dust is also bad for humans.

Silica Cat Litter

Silica litter

Silica cat litter was the industry’s attempt to step up its litter game. These litters use beads made from sodium silicate sand. Unlike clay litter, these beads can absorb about 40 times their weight in liquid. Sounds great, right? Not quite.The beads used in silica cat litter are the equivalent of the beads used in those “Do not eat” gel packets you find in medicine bottles, electronics, and other commercial items that need to stay dry.If your curious cat decides to see how those colorful beads taste, the chemicals used to make the litter so absorbent and cause clumping can have toxic effects.Chemical cats? We’ll pass.And don’t fall for the claim that silica litter is dust-free. While less dusty than clay cat litter, you’ll still be seeing clouds.

Skoon Cat Litter

Skoon cat litter takes an all-natural approach to better litter. We’re thankful for the litters that came before, but there is a better, healthier and cleaner way for catkind.Despite popular belief, Skoon does not use diatomaceous earth in our cat litter.At Skoon, we don’t settle for the middleman. We create our cat litter by relying on the source. Large diatom boulders are broken down into pebbles — not diatomaceous earth dust — and solidified with a little bit of heat.Skoon eliminates the need for clumping chemicals. These diatoms naturally activate a drying process that quickly absorbs and locks in ammonia-heavy odors with no risk to you, your home, or your fur babies. By relying on totally organic ingredients, we don’t have to worry about the chemicals in our litter, and neither do you.Diatoms are so effective that one box of Skoon lasts up to a month per cat. No more scooping or scraping, and no more clumps sticking to your cats or your carpet.It’s time to upgrade your litter lifestyle with Skoon kitty litter.If you or your cat are not totally satisfied, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked. There’s nothing to lose except your old litter.


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