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A Natural Cat Litter Solution to a Natural Problem

Natural Cat Litter Solution for happy cats

Your cat spends between 30 and 50 percent of its day grooming, according to Cornell Feline Health Center. Cats like to be clean. It’s natural!What’s unnatural is the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your cat’s litter box. And if you’re using a traditional kitty litter, that box is full of scent-cloaking chemicals and deodorizers that can negatively impact the health of your home.Skoon cat litter is here to offer a better way. Which is why we’ve created a natural cat litter solution to a natural problem. Every cat goes, so why not let it go in a natural, healthy cat litter?Subscribe or Buy Online Today!

Your Cat Can Do Better Than Chemicals

Your Cat Can Do Better Than Chemicals

Freshly-scented, non-clumping, odor-free, color-changing, wheat, clay, flushable: we’ve had enough of the adjectives! And we agree: your cat deserves better. So, why not simplify it?Let’s break it down.Unscented, clay-based cat litter brands sell dusty kitty litter. This dust can cause upper-respiratory issues in cats and humans too. Other cat litters use chemical fragrances to mask the smell of the litter box. What you end up with is the smell of urine on top of perfume and the risk of your feline friend coming into contact with toxins.And heaven forbid your cat decides to take a taste of the box! The chemicals used to encourage clumping can cause serious issues for your feline.The answer doesn’t have to be complicated or loaded with chemicals.Skoon kitty litter harnesses the odor-fighting power of naturally-occurring diatoms and minerals. These diatoms and minerals are natural and activate a drying process that quickly absorbs and locks in ammonia-heavy odors.Thanks to diatoms, Skoon cat litter can guarantee 100% odor control without any of the artificial fragrances, chemicals or dust of other cat litters.Plus, our natural ingredients make Skoon kitty litter hypoallergenic and safe for even the most sensitive furbabies.Read our FAQs

Keep Your Home Clump-Free

Keep Your Home Clump-Free

So many unscented kitty litter brands come with clumps — icky, stinky, clingy clumps that stick to your kitty, crawl into your carpet, and fling themselves onto your floors. Every clump that leaves the litter box and travels into your home spreads chemicals and kitty unmentionables.Skoon’s natural cat litter solution with large, absorbent pebbles are specifically designed to prevent your kitty from tracking litter all over your house. Its non-clumping properties mean litter stays in the box where it belongs, and your cat can cleanly stay next to you on the couch, where best friends belong.



Is Skoon the Natural Solution for You?

You may still be wondering if a subscription litter service is right for your kitty kingdom. So, if you…

  • Have or foster a cat with health issues
  • Experience upper-respiratory problems yourself
  • Are against harsh chemicals and toxins
  • Require a scent-free home
  • Want a quality, clump-free litter
  • Are looking for hypoallergenic solutions
  • Want a kitty litter that lasts longer than a weekIs Skoon the Natural Solution for You?

…then Skoon is definitely for you!It’s time to embrace healthy cat litter. If you or your cat are not totally satisfied, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked. There’s nothing to lose except your old litter. Start your subscription or order online today!


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