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Cat (Litter) Gratitude

Cat (Litter) Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, and we all know what we’re most grateful for: cats.Big ones. Small ones. Short ones. Tall ones. The finicky. The friendly. The bold. The shy. Whatever would we do without them?Skoon cat litter is a celebration of the gratitude we feel toward the felines in each of our lives. We make healthy kitty litter to create healthy, happy cats. So, to all the cuddly cats in the world, this letter of gratitude is for you.




Thank You for Ruling the Roost

Thank you, noble cat, for ruling the roost. It’s your home, and we all just live here. We get it.From the moment we wake with your face in ours as you demand our attention — and breakfast — to the moment we fall asleep with you sitting in the most comfortable position for you (and least comfortable for us), we appreciate the confidence with which you own your space.You keep our window sills warm and our homes free of pests. You rule with an iron fist, but your demands are reasonable — good food, scratches, a place to nap and cat litter for your private time.

Thank You for Sharing the Love

Thank you, caring kitty, for sharing your love. We know you don’t have to, and unlike some other furry friends, you only give love to those who deserve it. That’s what makes it such a precious gift.You make others earn your trust, and you’re an excellent judge of character. Thank you for teaching us that anyone who isn’t “a cat person” is insane and that we don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives.When you grant your love, you really give it. No one warms laps or purrs approval like you. You’re a dependable friend, a reliable confidante and always reply to text messages. (We know you would, if you had opposable thumbs, spoke and chose to send anything other than memes).


Thank You for Using Skoon Cat Litter

Thank you, furry best friend, for using Skoon cat litter. Our cat litter makes our lives so much easier. It arrives at the door each month. It is lightweight, low dust and hypoallergenic. There’s never a need for scooping or bagging, and the carpet is no longer covered in icky clumps.We never have to ask, “Is Skoon good for my cat?” We know it’s 100% natural and eco-friendly. And Skoon’s highly absorbent diatom pebbles trap those terrible tinkle smells and deliver ultimate odor control. Skoon even offers a 100% odor-free, money-back guarantee.With Skoon, you get to use a safe, pleasant-smelling, potty, and that’s what makes us the happiest.Thank you, cats, for being our friends. Thanks for being you, (and for using great litter, too!)


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