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Skoon Cat Litter Is Here For This Spooky Black Cat Season

Skoon Cat Litter Is Here For This Spooky Black Cat Season

The spooky season is upon us, and it’s a purrfectly good time for us to chat cats … black cats.These kitties of the night have a rich and varied history full of tradition, tricks and treats. But as the unofficial spokespeople of cats, we say this with confidence: There’s no way a cat can be bad luck. So, where did this superstition come from? And what are the true facts on black cats? Let’s find out.

Good Luck, Bad Luck, or Just Your Average Cat?

In modern Halloween-lore, a black cat is a sign of bad luck. But when we take a closer look at ancient history, the opposite has been true.According to MentalFloss, ancient Egyptians worshipped black cats and believed they possessed divine qualities related to the cult of Bastet, the goddess of fertility. This tradition carried over into later centuries. Newlyweds who saw a black cat were told it was a sign of prosperity and good fortune in their marriage.British sailors would take black cats with them on long sea voyages for luck and protection — and to catch mice, of course. As reflected in OmTimes, many of these cats are lovingly enshrined in naval history, like Tiddles, who was born at sea aboard the HMS Argus. He later joined the crew of the HMS Victorious. Tiddles traveled over 30,000 miles during his naval service.At some point in the Middle Ages, black cats became associated with black magic and witchcraft. Probably because they were black, too. Not very scientific, if you ask us. This belief spread to the United States through the early Puritans and was most popular during the Salem witch trials.Today, black cats are still considered good luck in other parts of the globe. In Scotland, a black cat arriving on your doorstep means happy days are ahead. In Japan, single women are encouraged to own a black feline friend because it will increase their numbers of eligible suitors. Way to go, kitty wingmen!

The Many Brightsides of Black Cats

There is no scientific evidence that definitively links cats’ fur colors to their personalities, but many people believe fur color can be related to certain behavioural characteristics.Temple Grandin, a renowned animal expert and author, believes that black cats are more social and generally friendlier than other colors of cats. They tend to be peacemakers and live well in groups. These characteristics make them great candidates for urban environments.Black cats are also generally healthier than their lighter-haired counterparts. The Feline Genome Project believes that the genetic mutation that results in black fur also creates immunity against certain viruses including feline HIV.In the United States, black cats are less likely to be adopted from a shelter than other colorful kitties. But, as you can tell, they are ready and willing to be your loveable companion for life!But before you bring a new feline friend into your home, let’s talk about litter.

Treat Your Kitty to Skoon

When it comes to cat litter, too many people end up tricked instead of treated. Dusty, clumpy, chemical-based litters can lead to a storm of health problems, smells, and impossible cleaning.But healthy kitty litter exists.Skoon cat litter is all-natural, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and good for your cat — no matter the color of its fur. Our diatom-enhanced cat litter is four times lighter than regular litter or diatomaceous earth cat litter, for that matter, and offers 100% odor control with no clumping and no scooping.

So if you’re ready to experience good fortune and a little bit of magic this spooky season, sign-up to try Skoon risk-free for 30 days. It’s the healthy cat litter your kitty cutie deserves.



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