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The Perfect Litter for Your Perfect Companion

Enjoy the best cat litter for odor control | Skoon Cat Litter

The Perfect Litter for Your Perfect Companion

The love of your life might be looking up at you right now — your kitty. He means the world to you and is the light of your life. With everyone fawning over their human Valentine from earlier this month, your kitty was your own, and a better one at that. But in this committed relationship with your kitty, you do see some improvements that can be made on both of your ends, and it starts with the kitty litter.Without Skoon cat litter, you’re focusing too much on the dusty and pungent clay clumps rather than on how adorable your kitten looks right now. Enough is enough. Discover why Skoon cat litter is a healthy kitty litter option that also stands as the best cat litter for odor control. 

The Truth

 Let’s be transparent here and address the Kitty Rocca in the room: your current cat litter stinks. Whether it’s clay, silica, bark chips or the old sandbox in the backyard, it can use an upgrade. And we’re not talking about any old subscription cat litter; we’re talking about a healthy kitty litter upgrade that gives you the option to buy online or subscribe for monthly cat litter deliveries. That’s right, because at Skoon, we believe in options and not settling for a one-fresh-scent-fits-all cat litter. With those scented cat litters, you’ve likely worried about the damage it could cause. Scented clay litters, along with the dust that they kick up, can cause a variety of respiratory issues in both you and your kitty. From the initial pour to the last lug, scented and unscented litters require more energy from you and fossil fuels to transport, cause a variety of respiratory issues in both you and your cat and do jack-squat for your kitty’s squats-a-lot. In fact, according to CL Tampa, all clay-based litters contain crystalline silica, which its dust can cause a number of respiratory issues, including bronchitis, tuberculosis and other fatal lung diseases. Plus, all clumping cat litters expand with moisture, so if any pebbles were to stick to your kitty’s feet, and if they were to swallow any while grooming between their toes, there’s the risk of it expanding in their intestines and causing blockages, dehydration and a lack of nutrient absorption. Ready to say goodbye to traditional clay and silica cat litters? We are, too. Check out just how Skoon cat litter stands apart from other litters below.

The Difference of Perfect Cat Litter

Embrace the love of your life with a whole new outlook on the world of kitty litter. At Skoon Cat Litter, we incorporate everything that makes our biodegradable product the healthy kitty litter that it is. Each diatom pebble in Skoon cat litter is chipped to perfection with love — not too big to be unusable and not too small to avoid dust and kitten consumption. Our healthy, diatom kitty litter is ultra-light, which saves monumental amounts of energy, and is proud of its biodegradable composition. With proper exposure, Skoon cat litter will decompose and provide nutrients to plants and other living organisms lickity-split. Can your fossilized clay cat litter say the same? While being the best cat litter for odor control, our highly-absorbing kitty litter also sports a low-dust formula, allowing it to be a no-brainer for the kitty love of your life.Subscribe or order Skoon Cat Litter online now, and if sparks don’t fly, get your money back with our guarantee. 


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