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The Best Cat Litter for a Single-Cat Home

Best Cat Litter for a Single Cat or kitten in a litter box

The Best Cat Litter for a Single-Cat Home

What’s the best cat litter for your single-cat home? With so many cat litter brands out there, it can seem like a tough case to crack.Well, we’re here to give it to you straight. Skoon cat litter is the best.

No Clumps or Smells

The Best Cat Litter for a Single-Cat Home

Even in a single-cat home, you probably find yourself amazed at all the evidence that your favorite feline leaves behind. The toys, the hair and, if you are using traditional litter, the clumps and the smells. Clumping cat litters need to be scooped and cleaned daily. But even with the most diligent scooping, those teeny tiny clumps remain. All too often, those clumps cling to your cat’s paws and spread themselves into every nook, cranny and carpet fiber of your home. Yuck. And then, there’s the smell. Traditional litters use fragrances and perfumes to try and hide the smell of your cat’s litter box, or they don’t even try to hide it. Either way, you’re left with a lingering odor that lets every visitor to your home know that a cat lives there too. You could stock up on air freshener and hope for the best, but there is a better way.Skoon is the best non-tracking litter on the market. That’s because Skoon doesn’t use the same clumping materials as traditional litters. Its highly absorbent diatom pebbles have a porous structure that absorbs liquid without clumping. You’ll only need to remove and dispose of solids, and stir the pebbles around the box to maximize absorption power.Those same diatoms are also PRO at trapping those funky kitty smells. That’s what makes Skoon the best cat litter box for odor control. Hard to believe? That’s why Skoon offers a 100% Odor Control Guarantee.

Planet-, Kitty-, and Human-Friendly

Planet-, Kitty-, and Human-Friendly

Many traditional litters can do a number on the health of our planet and on the health of your household — your cat included. Dust and debris can spread disease and irritate upper respiratory systems in humans, cats and other animals. Some litters even use toxic chemicals in their formula, something no one wants in their home. The good news is there is a better way. The Skoon way. Skoon is a hypoallergenic and eco-friendly cat litter. Together, we can reduce your cat’s carbon pawprint and make your entire home a healthier place.

Delivered to Your Door

Skoon will arrive on schedule

You may live in a single-cat home, but even a single-cat uses a lot of traditional litter. You’ve probably spent enough days lugging big, heavy bags from the car into your house to agree. Not to mention that your litter box needs a daily refill. With Skoon, you can say goodbye to frequent trips to the store and rising cat litter cost and hello to cat litter delivery. Skoon is delivered to your doorstep for free, one 8 pound bag should last up to one month per cat. The first thing you’ll notice is that Skoon is four times lighter than regular cat litter. It’s easy to carry up the stairs, stays in the box instead of your carpet and all in all makes your life better. After a month, a new shipment of Skoon will arrive on schedule. You’ll never have to worry about running out of litter again. So, what are you waiting for?Subscribe to the best cat litter for a single-cat home today!


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