Common Questions about Cat Litter and Diatomaceous Earth

As a proud cat owner, you’re faced with seemingly endless choices for products that can make your cat’s life better, and cat litter is no exception. Since there is nothing like Skoon cat litter on the market, you probably have a lot of questions. Read on to learn more about the Skoon formula, diatomaceous earth in cat litter, and why Skoon might be exactly what your cat needs.

Skoon Cat Litter FAQs

What does the word ‘Skoon’ mean?

We admit it. It’s an unusual name for a totally unique cat litter. We borrowed the word ‘Skoon’ meaning ‘clean’ from the Afrikaner language. For us, Skoon cat litter is the epitome of ‘clean’: It encapsulates and traps urine odors; it’s 99% dust-free; and it won’t track all over the house. That’s clean! That’s Skoon!


Q: What is Skoon and how does it work?

Skoon is a lightweight, eco-friendly solution to cat waste made out of Diatomaceous Earth pebbles. They are like microscopic sponges with thousands of holes that absorb urine trapping and eliminating the odor. Skoon also effectively dries up solid waste for easy removal.

Q: What makes Skoon cat litter unique? How is it sourced?

The diatomaceous earth in Skoon was formed in the Patagonia region when volcanic eruptions trapped diatoms, sending them to the bottom of lakes. Diatoms are skeletal fossilized remains of singled-celled aquatic algae. It took millions of years and a combination of environmental and climatic factors to create this amazingly unique substance.

Q: How is Skoon different from other cat litters?

Skoon is diatomaceous earth in its best and safest form. Skoon cat litter is created from our scientifically-proven Diatomax process. This process increases the ionizing capacity of Skoon’s sponge-like structure, which does a few things:

  • It effectively traps odor-causing particles.

  • It lowers the moisture concentration .

  • It maximizes absorption.

  • Eco-friendly

Q: How do you ensure Skoon does not contain harmful calcines?

Diatomax is our proprietary thermal activation process, by which Skoon pebbles are exposed to low temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius (248 degrees Fahrenheit) and hot air blowing which increases the ionizing capacity of Skoon’s sponge like structure so urine-odor causing particles are more effectively trapped inside while at the same time reducing the moisture levels to maximize the absorption power, so solid waste is quickly dried up for easy removal.

Q: What’s the difference between hazardous Diatomaceous Earth and Skoon pebbles?

There are two types of Diatomaceous Earth: Crystalline and Amorphous. Amorphous forms of silica (such as the one present in Skoon) do not present the serious health hazard associated with the crystalline forms. Skoon is made from uncalcined amorphous Diatomaceous Earth. This makes it all natural and good for your cat.

Q: Does Skoon pose the same health hazards of diatomaceous earth?

No. Some forms of diatomaceous earth contain calcines called cristabolite and trydimite that can can pose health hazards. Skoon is diatomaceous earth that has been specially processed using Diatomax. This eliminates harmful calcines.

Q: What is the difference between Skoon and DE powder?

Skoon is made out of DE, but it’s not the same as DE Powder. Both contain diatomite which are e fossilized diatoms combined with other minerals. The difference between Skoon and DE powder is their physical shape. Skoon’s unique rock-like mineral structure, only found in the Patagonia region where it is sourced, comes in the form of small rocks or pebbles. The DE in Skoon contains uncalcined amorphous silica. Diatomaceous earth powder contains sharp, crystal-like structures called crystobalite and tridymite. These are often found in diatomaceous earth meant for industrial applications, and pose certain health risks if inhaled.


Important Notice:

Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on our site. If you think your pet has a medical emergency, call or visit your veterinarian or your local veterinary emergency hospital immediately.

Q: Is Skoon healthy and safe for my cat?

Yes, Skoon is certified as a safe non-toxic cat litter by an independent laboratory.

Q: Some of the pebbles break down into powder. If Skoon has DE, is it safe?

Small traces of powder can be found in Skoon but even if inhaled, they will not cause harm because they don’t have crystalline silica. Skoon contains uncalcined amorphous silica, which is not harmful to animal or human health. You can breathe easily!

Q: What happens if Skoon is ingested?

Skoon is not food grade and it is not meant to be ingested, however, if accidentally swallowed don’t worry, your cat should safely pass it through just like any other solid because Skoon is 100% natural and non-toxic.

Q: What happens if Skoon is inhaled?

There is very little probability of inhaling Skoon because of its small rock or pebbles shape and specific weight. However, Skoon poses no danger to the respiratory system since it does not contain cristobalite or tridymite. 

Q: Can we prove Skoon is safe?

Yes, we can provide third-party testing that certifies the safety of Skoon.

Q: Would Skoon be safe for other animals, such as Rabbits? Ferrets? Kittens?

Yes, Skoon is perfectly safe to use with rabbits, ferrets and of course, kittens.

Q: Is Skoon cat litter environmentally friendly?

Skoon is 100% natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

Q: Why does my cat eat Skoon?

What would lead a cat to eat Skoon pebbles, or any litter for that matter? This ‘strange’ cat behavior actually is somewhat common due to several causes:

· Curiosity:

Cats, especially kittens, occasionally taste sand or litter out of curiosity. Just like human babies, they learn by sticking things into their mouths. Skoon is safe, even if your cat nibbles it. Don’t worry, this behavior often disappears with age.

· Cats eat litter due to stress and boredom:

Every cat differs, but some cats chew on inedible things when they become stressed, depressed or even bored. It’s true - cats tend to stress out more easily than dogs. Situations such as the death of a partner, the arrival of another animal at home, having visitors or taking a trip can place undue stress on many cats.

· However, if your cat continues ingesting Skoon (or other non-edible items), you may want to consider making a trip to your vet to make sure nothing else is going on.


Q: Where is it shipped from?

Depending on your location Skoon ships from one of our three distribution centers across the US, located on Georgia, South Carolina & Utah.

Q: Who is the company behind Skoon?

Inova, a direct-to-consumer marketing company with over 30 years of experience developing innovative products in partnership with Sol Minerales, a mining company and leading cat litter producer in Argentina and other South American countries.

Q: How long does it take for my order to be processed?

Your order will be processed in the next business day.

Q: How long does it take to get Skoon from the day I ordered?

Once your order is shipped, transit time takes between 3 to 5 business days.

Q: Does my purchase enroll me in automatic shipping every month?

Skoon is a subscription service that ships our revolutionary litter straight to your door as often as you decide. To customize your order, go to at any time.

Q: Do you have international shipping?

Unfortunately, no. We can only ship within the continental U.S.A.

Q: When will my refill order arrive?

We send your refill orders 4 weeks after your first delivery. However, if you find the delivery schedule is not right for you, or wish to customize future shipments go to


Q: How does the Skoon Subscription Program work?

Toward the end of your 30-day Skoon trial, and then every 4 weeks thereafter, we will send you a 30-day supply of Skoon cat litter. If our ‘4 week’ delivery schedule isn’t right for you can customize your order to receive it as often, in the quantity and on the date you wish to, or to cancel future shipments and charges. Every Skoon purchase includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. We would also notify you seven days before renewal so you can customize your order.

Q: What do I get with my shipment and how often am I paying?

Every 4 weeks for one cat, you’ll receive 8 lbs. of Skoon, which should last on average one month. Remember, you can always fully customize your order quantity (a great option, especially if you have more than 1 cat) or customize your delivery schedule at For example, you can choose to receive an order every 6 weeks instead of every 4 weeks…how convenient is that?! Whatever works best for you and your cat(s).

Q: Is there a fee to join?

No, there is no fee to join Skoon’s Subscription Program.

Q: When do new orders arrive?

Your membership includes a new supply for one cat every month. New and refill orders ship on the monthly renewal date, or on the next business day if your renewal date falls on a weekend or holiday. We will send you the tracking information by email once we ship your order. You can track it from anytime.

Q: How do I know when will Skoon arrive?

Your Skoon trial shipment arrives within days of your initial order. Then, you’ll receive your Skoon shipment (unless you customize or cancel your order) every 4 weeks around your renewal date. Not sure when your renewal date is? Check your account information at anytime you want, where you can also click on the tracking number to see exactly when it will arrive.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

Enjoy all the benefits of Skoon with no commitment and never any minimums to buy. To customize your order, or to cancel future shipments and charges, go to, click cancel and you’re done! It’s that easy.

Q: What about ordering Skoon to try it first? I don’t like subscription or continuity programs can I just place one order at a time?

Sorry, we do not have trial orders. With our 30-day trial offer you can cancel at any time within the period and get a full refund. We will even notify you days before shipment so you will not forget to cancel and be refunded in case you are not satisfied. Literally, risk free and nothing to lose. Worth the try for your purr-fect pet!

Q: How much of Skoon should I use for a month?

Each 8-lb bag of Skoon should last an entire month for one adult cat in an average-sized litter box (11" x 15"). Fill the litter box with 2 inches depth of Skoon. If you aren't getting the proper amount depth in your litter box, talk to us! We'll set you up with the perfect subscription plan for your needs.

Q: What if I have several cats?

All the more reason to enjoy your home without tell-tale litter box odors! if you have more than one cat at home, simply call our customer service department. They can put you on a delivery schedule that´s right for you and your furry friends. Families who have more than one cat LOVE Skoon!

Q: Is it possible to buy more than one bag at a time? Does Skoon offer bulk discounts?

Absolutely. Skoon offers a multi-bag service too. Just select how many bags you want and how often or let Customer Service help you customize your order. Plus enjoy additional savings on our multi-cat program.

Q: How do I access my order information?

Simply go to anytime you want. Here you can see the status of your order and make any changes you want. Log in with your order ID, email and telephone you used when creating your order.

Q: How do I make changes in my account?

It’s easy! To customize your order, or to make changes to your account including canceling future shipments and charges, go to anytime. If you prefer, you can also reach out to us at (888) 433-9089.


Q: Will the litter supply really last a whole month?

Your 8-lb Skoon supply is enough to last one cat a whole month. 4 lbs will keep one cat happy for 2 to 3 weeks, or more if your cat also prefers some trips outdoors. Make sure you stir fresh pebbles away from the sides and corners of the box when you remove the solid wastes. This keeps all the thirsty Skoon pebbles in circulation, available to absorb all wetness and odors until they become saturated. Stirring Skoon also helps the water content evaporate, keeping the porous Skoon pebbles available for absorbing more odors.

Q: How does 8 pounds of litter last an entire month?

Skoon is a clump-free litter made of highly absorbent diatom pebbles that trap and destroy the strong-smelling ammonia particles found in cats’ urine, unlike regular clumping litters that only “clump” the smell and need to be constantly scooped in order to do the job. Skoon lasts longer because you don’t need to constantly scoop away litter and refilling to get rid of bad odor. The same goes for solid waste, it’s not clumped, it’s dried up so you only need to remove it, hence minimal litter waste.

Q: Can Skoon be used for multi-cat households?

Yes, and you will save more per cat, with our multi-cat pricing.

Q: Doesn’t this leave the litter box full of pee?

Skoon is highly absorbent and highly effective at trapping and eliminating odors. As long as you do some stirring and remove solid waste you should not only be free of pee, but also of urine odor.

Q: What about the poop? DO I have to scoop?

Skoon is especially effective at drying poop fast, so you only need to remove it. You don’t need to scoop (throw away litter) just remove the poop.

Q: Does Skoon Clump?

No, Skoon does not clump.

Q: My old/regular Scoop Doesn’t Work, what should I use with Skoon?

We recommend using a scoop designed for non-clumping litter (they have larger holes for the pebbles to pass through) to avoid wasting Skoon pebbles.

Q: When do I change the litter?

You will notice the whitish color of the litter darkens to off-white. That’s your signal that each pebble has become saturated, and it’s time for fresh Skoon.

Q: How to dispose of used littler?

No need to get fancy. Bag it and trash it. No special process, just do as you would with other cat litters. Plus, you won’t have any environmental remorse because Skoon is biodegradable so it won’t clog landfills.

Q: How do I dispose of the litter box?

We consider our disposable litter box one of the great features of new Skoon Cat Litter. Cats love it, and no more messing with dirty litter boxes! When the Skoon pebbles are all saturated (you’ll know this by the color change to off-white), simply fold the box up, seal and discard. Open a fresh disposable litter box of Skoon and set it down in place of the old box.

Q: Is Skoon flushable?

We don’t recommend flushing Skoon, or any used cat litter, because cat feces may contain the toxoplasmosis parasite. We care about the health and safety of both you and your cat, so naturally we care about the environment too.

Q: Does Skoon work with automatic cat litter boxes?

Not at this time but stay tuned.


Q: What if my cat isn’t using the Skoon litter?

First, are you SURE your cat isn’t using its new Skoon cat litter? Has it been 1 day? 2 days?

Skoon absorbs liquids and odors so thoroughly on contact that you may not realize your cat IS using its box! There will be no tell-tale odors or even moisture.

Every cat is different, but with a little patience even the most persnickety cat usually falls in love with Skoon because cats have ‘hunter instincts.’ They like ‘safe’ enclosures and they like to hide odors (which is why they bury their waste.) Once your cat knows Skoon locks odors away, she’ll feel like you’ve given her what nature intended.

Q: What can I do to help my cat transition to Skoon?

If your cat resists change, introduce Skoon when there are no other changes or stressors in your cat’s life. Set Skoon next to your cat’s familiar litter. Then stop scooping the old litter. Cats like clean and tidy so as the old litter gets dirtier, your cat will decide he likes having the clean Skoon option. Soon, you can remove that nasty old litter tray because your cat will be choosing Skoon every time!