Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box
Catlink Smart Litter Box

Catlink Smart Litter Box

Taking care of your cat has never been easier. Never scoop out the litter box again, with the CatLink Smart Litter Box

  • Automated Cleaning: Auto sifts out waste after each use.
  • Odor Removal: Eliminate odors with the sealed waste bin.
  • Ideal for All Cats: Including older cats and kittens, with Catlink’s low profile.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Cat behavior and health monitoring with the Catlink App.
$499.00 $319.00

What We Are

Made with waterproof, high-quality and pet-safe materials. Easy to clean with water and toothpaste. Includes a soft plush mat, with a hard base built to support the weight.

  • REMOTE CONTROL. With the Catlink App,(Compatible with 2.4Gwifi only) cat owners may obtain a 24-hour record, a 7-day/12-month health report, and remotely manage the self-cleaning litter box anytime. Additionally, multiple users can share a single litter box at once.
  • REDUCES ODOR & FALLING LITTER. Combined with Skoon, it effectively eliminates unpleasant odors, formaldehyde, and ammonia. The removal rate is up to 90% or more. The litter box features a litter barrier at the entrance, which helps reduce litter tracked out by cats when leaving the litter box.
  • 4 CLEANING MODES. Automatic, scheduled, manual, and emptying modes allow you to choose the most suitable cleaning mode. Additionally, the emptying board can be lowered to enter the emptying mode, making the cleaning process even more convenient.
  • EXTRA-LARGE CAPACITY. With an internal space of 65L, the litter box can accommodate cats weighing between 3.3 and 22 lb. The entrance height is only 7.87 inches, making it particularly friendly for older cats who find it easier to use.
  • 100% SAFE. Equipped with four protection modes including infrared sensing, weight sensing, anti-blocking rotation, and anti-pinching function, the litter box ensures your cat's safety. The latest rotating shovel method is used without any pinch points, guaranteeing that your cat will never get hurt.
  • TRACKING CAT's HEALTH STATUS. The app records every toileting behavior, including the cat's weight, toilet usage time, and frequency. This data helps track your cat's health, and in case of any abnormalities, timely notifications will be sent to the owner.

Extra large automatic self-cleaning cat litter box for multiple cats with APP control, odor control, and health monitoring.

Never Stick Again

Never Stick Again

With an assault jacket fabric for the waster drawer.

4 Clean Modes

4 Clean Modes

Auto Mode, Manual Mode, Timer Mode and Empty Mode.

Extra Large Interior Space

Extra Large Interior Space

65L - suitable for cats weighing between 3.3 lb. to 22 lb.

Sealed Waste Bin

Sealed Waste Bin

Helps contain and prevent odors from escaping.



Combined with Skoon, the Catlink Smart Litter Box effectively eliminates unpleasant odors like naturally occurning formaldehyde and ammonia.

Catlink features a barrier at the entrance, reducing litter tracking.


100% SAFE 

Equipped with four protection modes including infrared sensing, weight sensing, anti-blocking rotation, and anti-pinching function, Catlink ensures your cat's safety.

The rotating shovel method eliminates pinch points.


Designed with Mobility in Mind

Catlink is easy to move with one hand, giving you the flexibility to relocate the unit without an aching back!



Use the CATLINK APP to monitor each cats' litter box usage individually. The CATLINK APP provides detailed records for reference.

Green Logo Money Back Warranty

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

We aim to provide you with an outstanding shopping experience, which is why we offer our Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

After receiving the product, you have 30 days to return the product for a complete refund. Shipping charges for the product's return are the customer's responsibility.

Please note that this policy only applies to products purchased directly from the official Skoon Cat Litter website. If you purchased your product through Amazon or any other third-party retailers, please arrange your return directly with them.


Does the Catlink Smart Litter Box work for any type of cat litter?
Catlink Smart Litter Box operates with Skoon Fine Grain litter, which is the eliminates 100% of odors.  The original Skoon pebbles, non-clumping or loose-clumping litters, newspaper-based litters, and absorbent wood pellet litter do not work in Catlink.
Does Catlink Smart Litter Box require special garbage bags?
No, the Catlink Smart Litter Box doesn't necessitate any specific waste drawer bags or liners. You can use any that fit appropriately.
Can kittens use the Catlink Smart Litter Box?
Kittens weighing 3.3 lb. 8 oz. (1.58 kg.) or more and older than 3 months can safely use Catlink Smart Litter Box in automatic mode. If your kitten does not meet this weight requirement, select MANUAL mode. When you notice your kitten has used Catlink Smart Litter Box, it will automatically perform a clean cycle with a single click. This way, your kitten will be safe while getting used to it at a young age, and you won't have to scoop the litter box!
Does Catlink Smart Litter Box have a weight limit?
A cat has to be older than 3 months and weight between 3.3 lb. 8 oz. and 22 lb. to be able to use Catlink Smart Litter Box.
What happens if my cat tries to enter the globe while it is rotating?
The litter box ensures complete safety with its radars, infrared sensors, and anti-pinch features. If it detects a cat during operation, it stops immediately to prevent injury. The stable, ventilated design adds further protection, and any issues trigger app alerts via self-detection.
What are the dimensions of Catlink Smart Litter Box?
Height: 21.46" (54.5cm)
Width:23.58" (59.9cm)
Depth: 20.98" (53.3cm)
Entryway: 9.45"H x 8.38"W
Litter Bed: 15.35" wide at maximum
Weight: 24.25 pounds
What is the ideal location for the litter box?
Always place the Catlink Smart Litter Box on a firm, level surface. Avoid soft, uneven, or unstable flooring, which may affect the ability of the unit to detect your cat and affect the accuracy of weighing your cat.
How often do I need to empty the waste drawer?
How often you need to change the litter bag depends on the number of cats in your house, their age, how much they poop, and more. According to the experience of our company's cats, we could change the waste bag once every 21 days. However, it smells bad. We recommend changing the liner more frequently. If you only have one or two cats in your family, it is usually no problem to empty the drawer every 7 days. With Catlink Smart Litter Box, you can also receive reminders from CATLINK APP, when the waste drawer needs to be emptied
Will the Catlink Smart Litter Box eliminate all litter box odors?
Catlink Smart Litter Box features an optional smart deodorizer designed to neutralize litter box odors. 2 large carbon filters located in the front of the waste drawer absorb odors. If you empty the waste drawer and notice Catlink Smart Litter Box is still a source of unpleasant odors, we recommend changing litter completely, deep-cleaning the litter box twice per year, and replacing the carbon filter as needed.
How often do I need to add litter?
Because the sifting system only removes clumps, Catlink Smart Litter Box uses less litter than traditional litter boxes. We also recommend that you check the litter level against the raised fill line (on the globe's gris rubber liner) every time you empty the waste drawer. Make sure not to overfill the globe.
What if my cat won't use the Catlink Smart Litter Box?
Some tips to eliminate your cat's fear:
  • Try introducing your cat to their new high-tech litter box next to their old one. This will assist them in understanding its purpose and exploring the possibility of using it as a new bathroom space. Furthermore, keeping your cat's bathroom in the same location reduces confusion and keeps things feeling consistent for them.
  • Hand-clean the automatic litter box (only the first few times).
  • You can label the new box with their scent. To encourage your kitty to use their new automatic litter box, transfer some of the litter from their old one into the new one.
What if I need technical support
If you encounter any issues or how to use the product please contact CatLink directly at 833-440-2772 or
What is the return process?
  • To start the return process, please reach out to our support team. You can either send an email to or call us at 888-433-9089 with your order number. Be sure to include the reason for your return and attach photos of the product in its original box.
  • Repackage the item with the original package. Make sure to include all cords, parts, and the manual that were included when you received it. Additionally, please ensure that the product is clean. Please note that if the product doesn't meet these conditions, a $50.00 fee may be applied to your refund.
  • Use your preferred carrier to ship the product back to us. Unfortunately, we do not provide return labels.
  • Once your returned item has passed an inspection to meet the conditions stated previously, you will be eligible for a refund. We will apply the refund to your original payment method within 8 to 12 business days.