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 What Does Your Cat’s Sleeping Position Mean?

Cat Sleeping Positions and What they Mean

8 Cat Sleeping Positions and What they Mean

Chances are, if you own a cat, you have seen them sleeping more often than not. In fact, according toVeterinary Hub, your feline friend will actually spend 70 percent of her life sleeping! That’s the majority of their entire day!But just like no cat’s personality is the same, neither are their sleeping positions. It turns out, you can tell a lot about how your cat is feeling just by watching them sleep! Avoid a cranky cat or accidentally pissing off your furry friend by disturbing their sleep through a genuine understanding of which positions mean they are happy and which ones might indicate they’re feeling some kind of anxiety.If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on in that fuzzy little head of theirs, here’s the rundown on common sleeping positions your cat may curl up into and what they mean:

The Crescent

The CrescentIf you’ve ever seen your cat curled up into a furry ball while catching some Z’s, then you’re familiar with this position. The crescent position is pretty instinctual for most cats as it maximizes body heat preservation and protects their vital organs. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re on the defensive. It just means they’re comfy (and it’s pretty cute to watch, too!).



Belly Up

Belly UpOn the flip side (literally!), if you see your cat sprawled out with his belly fully exposed and paws laying every which way, then you’ve got a pretty good indication that your furbaby feels very comfortable and safe with you. The open belly symbolizes how they can feel vulnerable with you. You probably have a fantastic relationship full of absolute trust.



Sideways Sleep

Sideways SleepCats usually can sleep in a much deeper state when they sleep sideways. This position means they’re letting their guard down and fully embracing a snooze — so do not disturb! But rest assured, it means they feel at peace and are very content. You’ve got one happy and well-rested kitty right there!



The Loaf

The LoafIf your cat is sleeping in an upright position with its legs tucked under themselves — looking somewhat like a loaf of bread — then your cat is taking a very light nap. This position keeps them ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. They’re either not super tired, or perhaps they feel like they need to be on high alert for some reason.

Eyes Half Open

Eyes Half OpenIf you notice your cat is lounging around sleepily with its eyes still sort of slit open, your cat is trying to rest while still being very aware of its surroundings. This is a common sleep position for newly adopted cats, around loud children, or ones who are uncomfortable with the current vibe in the house.Keep an eye on your kitty and try to find ways to make her more comfortable. She may be experiencing some sort of anxiety that is preventing her from getting a good rest.




SupermanIf your kitty is sleeping completely stretched out like they’re flying Superman-style, then you have a very relaxed cat. But definitely don’t disturb them! Chances are, they are in a very deep sleep and waking them could result in a cranky or startled cat.




In a Box

In a BoxIf you’re finding your cat is hiding in a box to sleep in, they’re most likely feeling a bit uncomfortable in their current surroundings. Perhaps another pet or small child keeps disturbing their sleep.Cats will often choose a box to sleep in if they look for added protection. Pay close attention to how your cat is feeling and see if you can find whatever may be causing them not to feel comfortable enough to sleep out in the open.



Sleeping On Top of You

Sleeping On Top of YouTake this sleeping position as the biggest compliment ever as a kitty mom or dad. If your cat chooses to nap on you, they actually want to be close to you and find a deep sense of comfort with being around you. You’ve won the kitty comfort lottery.




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