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Why Non-clumping Cat Litter Is Better

Reasons Why Non-clumping Cat Litter Is Better

5 Reasons Why Non-clumping Cat Litter Is Better

As a fur parent, you only want what is best for your feline friend when it comes to cat health. It’s no secret that many of the issues surrounding cat health have to do with kitty litter. A lot relies on the effectiveness of maintaining impeccable hygiene, and it all starts where the magic happens — the litter box, that is.Cat litter has come a long way as a product. There are so many options on the market now to choose from that it’s enough to make your head spin.That’s why the biggest cat litter debate can be boiled down to this one question — which is better: clumping ornon-clumping litter?Some will claim it’s a matter of preference (and let’s be honest, when it comes to cats, everything is about their preference). But when you look at the facts, it’s not hard to see why most kitties and humans prefer non-clumping litter options, likeSkoon.Here are the highlights of why non-clumping litter reigns supreme and is best for both you and your cat.

Better at Absorbing Odor

Every fur parent can agree that the main drawback to all that kitty love has to deal with the smell of their adorable — yet potent — stinkle-tinkles. Some cat caretakers have accepted this aspect of kitty cohabitation as a part of life. But thanks to non-clumping litters likeSkoon, you don’t have to deal with the horrendous smell that has the power to seep into every crevice of your home.Get ahead of the stink parade and lock in your kitty’s ink with super absorbent non-clumping litter. Non-clumping litters are known for theirodor-absorbing powers, butSkoontakes the lead on using the most absorbent ingredient of them all: diatom pebbles.Made from fossilized, single-celled algae calleddiatoms, these non-clumping litter pebbles are super absorbent and keep moisture down significantly. Diatomite is known toabsorb approximately 145 percent of its weight in oil!But that’s not allSkoon’srevolutionary diatom pebbles can do. Not only are they incredibly absorbent of both liquid and smell, but it’s also excellent at promoting cat health. The pebbles have antimicrobial properties that keep the litter box sanitary and smell-free.

Lower Maintenance

Another perk to using non-clumping litters likeSkoonis obvious — there are no clumps! Clumping litter can get so messy and wasteful. Non-clumping litter tends to be incrediblylow maintenanceto deal with. Instead of scooping out annoying clumps that frustrate your kitty queen, you can enjoy an entirely easier way to deal with litter box maintenance.WithSkoon, you simply scoop out the solids daily and give your diatom pebbles a thorough stir to maximize their absorbent powers. That’s it! Not only is it less work, but it also increases the working life of your litter instead of constantly having to refill the litter box and spill your clumping litter materials all over your house.Stirring yourSkoon non-clumping littermaximizes its absorbency, avoiding pee pools from forming at the bottom and locking in odors completely. Low maintenance and better at doing its job — it doesn’t get much better than that.

It Protects Cat Health

We know it’s your main concern when it comes to cat health. No one wants to risk hurting their fabulous feline floofball, especially over something like cat litter.However, most clumping litters are known for being inherently bad forcat health. Clumping litters are linked to several health issues andsymptoms:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Kidney problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Lethargy

When a kitty does her business on clumping litter, the material forms an insoluble mass that often creates dust. Because all cats lick their paws, many end up ingesting this dust which will later expand inside their internal organs. Unfortunately, this can result in dehydration and prevent proper nutrient absorption.There are two main ingredients found in several kinds of clumping litters that are problematic for cat health: Sodium Bentonite and Crystalline Silica Dust.Sodium Bentonite is often found in clay litters and is known tocause respiratory and digestive issues. Crystalline Silica Dust is a knowncarcinogenfor both humans and cats.According toOSHA.gov, “Crystalline silica has been classified as a human lung carcinogen. Additionally, breathing crystalline silica dust can cause silicosis, which in severe cases can be disabling or even fatal. The silica dust enters the lungs and causes the formation of scar tissue, thus reducing the lungs’ ability to take in oxygen.”Skoonis so safe for you and your cat. You can read theofficial toxicity report about it here. When it comes to cat health, the safest option is non-clumping litter.

It’s Often Better for the Environment

Non-clumping litterisn’t just good for cat health — it’s good for the health of the planet, too! Most clumping cat litters arebad for the environment. Most varieties, especially clay kitty litter, are not biodegradable and take up significant landfill space.Skoon’s non-clumping litter is inherently biodegradable thanks to its diatom pebbles being naturally derived from fossilized algae and chemical additive-free.The best part about ordering your non-clumping litter fromSkoonis that when you pair the diatom pebble litter with our cardboard disposable litter box, you save yourself work while also saving the planet. Simply close the box and toss when it’s time to refresh your kitty litter. Everything from thenon-clumping litterto the cardboard box containing it will compost itself without harming any part of the environment.It’s a win-win for everyone!

Low Dust and Tracks Less Throughout the House

One of the best qualities of non-clumping litter is just how clean they are. Non-clumping litter likeSkoonis known formaintaining low dustand staying inside the litter box. Cats cannot track it around the house because it’s not sticking to their paws like most clumping litters.Increased dust means increased respiratory issues. So it’s extra important to cut down on those cat litter clouds that somehow float through the air every time your kitty kicks up her paws in her litter box. You both deserve better than that. With non-clumping litter, you’ll forget you ever had to deal with the plume of unhygienic cat litter dust at all.Your house will be cleaner, plus you’ll be taking a step toward ensuring good human andcat health, too.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Kitty Litter?

We all love our kitties and want what’s best for them, but cat chores need to be manageable for all involved. When it comes to maintaining optimum cat health at the same time as being low maintenance,Skoonhas got you covered.Skoon’s diatom pebbles are the best option innon-clumping litteron the market. It’s super-absorbent, locks in odors, keeps you and your cat safe from toxins, stays in the litter box and is low maintenance. What’s there not to love?As a bonus, it can also come straight to your door along with a disposable cat litter box that makes kitty chores even more straightforward.Being a cat fur parent has always been rewarding in some regard, but now at least you won’t be punished by gross litter clumps and heinous smelling cat pee that seeps into every cushion inside your house (we’ve been there. Thank goodness forSkoon).TrySkoontoday and see for yourself just how amazing it is. Both you and your cat are sure to love it.


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