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Is Cat Litter Bad for the Environment? 

Is Cat Litter Bad for the Environment?

Is Cat Litter Bad for the Environment and What Can You Do About It?

Every cat owner knows that kitty clean-up is a necessity. However, what every cat owner might not know is the answer to the question of whether cat litter is bad for the environment? If this particular question pops into your mind whenever you’re lugging a new bag of litter out of your car or every time you have to change your cat’s litter box, you might be worried about the answer. And if cat litter is, in fact, bad for the environment, what can you do about it?The truth is that traditional kitty litters can be bad for the environment. Kitty clean-up isn’t optional, but using litters that are bad for the environment is. Skoon cat litter, however, is an eco-friendly litter box solution. Here are all of the ways typical cat litters can harm the environment and all of the solutionsSkooncat litter has developed — making it the best choice available when you’re looking for environmentally-friendly cat litter.

Is Cat Litter Bad for the Environment Problem #1: Manufacturing Process

The first place to look when considering whether cat litter is bad for the environment is how the litter is made and what material it is made out of. The first litter material that comes to mind when thinking about how cat litter is made might be clay. Clay is a classic material that has been used to produce cat litter for many years. It is not, however, an eco-friendly material.To be used for cat litter, clay is sourced through a process called strip mining.Strip miningposes several harms to the environment, as it damages the landscape, plants and water near the mining location. Clay is also a nonrenewableresource, so the clay taken for cat litter won’t be replaced or regenerated.

Skoon Solution #1: Diatom Pebbles

With Skoon cat litter, you don’t have to worry about the materials used or manufacturing. Skoon cat litter is made from diatom pebbles. This incredible litter material is made from naturally occurring diatomite — a sedimentary rock that forms from the fossilization of diatoms, a type of algae. Unlike clay, diatomite is a renewable resource, meaning that more of it continues to form. The way this material is sourced and processed is also sustainable.

Is Cat Litter Bad for the Environment Problem #2: Disposal

How cat litter is made is not the only potential problem that bears on the issue of whether cat litter is bad for the environment. Once that kitty litter is taken home and used, it must be disposed of. Flushing litter is one practice that ideal litter disposal methods should be avoided.This all too common way of emptying the litter box can not only cause plumbing problems, but it can also wreak havoc on the environment. Aparasitefound in cat droppings can be introduced into the public water supply when litter is flushed, and it can also find its way into the ocean, where it harms sea creatures such asotters.

Skoon Solution #2: Disposable Litter Box

WithSkoon cat litter, you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out the best way to empty the litter box. A subscription to Skoon cat litter not only brings a fresh disposable litter box to your door each month but also brings you peace of mind with an easy, eco-friendly disposal option. Skoon’s litter boxes are made of cardboard and can be composted. You’ll never even have to think about flushing cat litter again once you get started with Skoon cat litter.

Is Cat Litter Bad for the Environment Problem #3: Biodegradability

Another critical factor to consider when looking at is cat litter bad for the environment is biodegradability. Traditional cat litters made out of materials such as clay or silica are usually non-biodegradable. When a material isnon-biodegradable, it will not decompose naturally and it actually contributes to pollution.Cat litters made of non-biodegradable materials can’t be broken down through natural processes and simply continue to accumulate as waste. As a result, these litters are very harmful to the environment.

Skoon Solution #3: Biodegradable Pebbles

Luckily, Skoon cat litter is the perfect eco-friendly kitty clean-up solution that is made of excellent biodegradable material. Skoon’s naturally occurring diatom pebbles are not only naturally absorbent and excellent at trapping odors but are also biodegradable because they can be broken down naturally. That means that you don’t have to worry about adding to levels of waste and pollution like you would with other traditional cat litters.

Is Cat Litter Bad for the Environment Problem #4: Added Chemicals

While being informed about the main ingredient of your cat litter of choice is essential when figuring out the answer to whether cat litter is bad for the environment, it’s also crucial to look into what types of added ingredients are listed on the bag. Many litters contain toxic chemicals that should be avoided. Components such as silica dust and sodium bentonite areharmfulto not only your cat’s health but your own and that of the environment as well. Other litters contain synthetic fragrances made fromchemicalsthat can hurt cat health.

Skoon Solution #4: All-Natural Formulation

Skoon cat litter is made up of all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden toxic chemicals in your cat’s litter box. Other litters often add chemicals and scents to mask odors, butSkoondoesn’t have to rely on artificial fragrances or toxic chemicals to be an effective cat litter.Skoon’s diatom pebbles are a natural odor-absorbing solution that can keep unwanted litter box smells out of your house and put your mind at ease when you wonder whether cat litter is bad for the environment.

Protect the Environment with Eco-Friendly Skoon Cat Litter

When it comes to cleaning up after your cat, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether cat litter is bad for the environment every time you catch a glimpse of the litter box or trudge through pet store aisles searching for the best cat litter.Skooncat litter is the litter box solution that you can trust to make eco-friendly kitty clean-up easy. Skoon’s all-natural formulation is environmentally-friendly from start to finish. And with Skoon’s convenient subscription service, enjoying a steady supply of eco-friendly cat litter is simple.So, is cat litter bad for the environment? When you use Skoon cat litter in your cat’s litter box, you can rest assured that the answer is no.Get started with Skoon cat litter today to prioritize your cat’s health and the health of the planet!


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