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This Year’s Go-to Gift: A Monthly Litter Box Subscription

Why a Monthly Litter Box Subscription is the Best Holiday Gift

Why a Monthly Litter Box Subscription is the Best Holiday Gift

Sometimes the best presents are the ones that don’t fit under the tree. Whether it’s quality time spent with your cat or revisiting a cherished holiday memory with family members, the most meaningful gifts during the holidays are often experiences you share or presents that require you to think outside of the box.What if the perfect gifting solution didn’t require a lot of planning and just happened to be a box? A litter box, that is. Skoon cat litter’s monthly litter box subscription is a great gift for all of the fur parents in your life and their fur babies too. Even better, it’s a unique gift that is easy to sign up for and will make kitty clean-up a breeze during the busy holidays and throughout the rest of the year!This holiday season, you don’t have to look too far to find the perfect gift for all of the cat lovers on your list. This year, a monthly litter box subscription is the best holiday gift to give to friends, family, and even yourself. Here are all the reasons whySkoonmakes the best holiday gift.

Give A Unique Gift This Year

Subscription services are becoming more and more popular. It seems like there’s a subscription service for everything, from makeup to clothes to groceries, but have you ever heard of a cat litter subscription?When it comes to picking out a subscription to give to the friends or family members on your list, consider a monthly litter box subscription to Skoon cat litter. Your subscription gift is sure to stand out from the rest, and any pet lover would love to be introduced to the useful and convenient gift of monthly deliveries of Skoon cat litter.Your difficult-to-shop-for aunt probably doesn’t need a pair of novelty socks delivered to her door every month, but she does have two cats, and as every cat lover knows, cat litter can always be put to use. A monthly litter box subscription is sure to be a unique surprise to your family members — one that they’ll remember and thank you for months to come!

Be a Thoughtful Gift-Giver

When you give the gift of a monthly litter box subscription, you’re showing that you care about not only the fur parent on your list but their pet too. How often do you get to be the favorite child and favorite human friend of your parent’s cat?Skoon cat litter has many benefits sure to please cat lovers and cats alike, including:

  • Odor-absorbing Litter
  • Non-tracking Properties
  • A Disposable Box
  • Multiple Formulations
  • Non-toxic and Hypoallergenic Litter

No More Litter Box Odor

No one wants the litter box to be a source of unpleasant smells, least of all the cat that has to use it. Skoon cat litter’s diatom pebbles are odor-absorbent, so litter box smell doesn’t have to be an annoyance to pet parents or their cats. When there are celebrations, gatherings, and family visits to plan for during the holiday season, a smelly litter box is the last thing anyone wants to have to worry about. A monthly litter box subscription to Skoon cat litter will also give your recipient peace of mind during this busy time of year.

Litter That Doesn’t Track Around the House

Cat lovers are familiar with the constant sweeping that has to be done when other types of cat litter stick to their kitty’s paws and end up all over the house. Skoon cat litter is non-tracking, which means less time spent sweeping. This feature will also please any cat because none of our furry friends want gritty pebbles stuck to their paws. Cleaner paws mean that climbing up the scratching post and finding new perches around the house is more enjoyable, and everyone knows that ahappy catmakes a happy home!

Easy Disposal

A new disposable cardboard box comes to the recipient’s door every month with a monthly litter box subscription. This makes for easy clean-up and ensures that cats aren’t waiting around while their humans spend time scrubbing out a plastic litter box. The gift of saving time on kitty clean-up is priceless because it gives your recipient the freedom to spend more time doing the things they love — like relaxing and spending quality time with their fur baby.

Multiple Formulations

Cat litter is not always a one-size-fits-all solution, as different cats can have their own cat litter preferences. Don’t let this keep you from gifting Skoon cat litter this holiday season. Skoon cat litter comes in multiple formulations, includingOriginal Diatom PebblesandFine Grain. There are alsoLemonandLavenderscent options if you want to give Mr. Whiskers an extra special treat this holiday season. You’re sure to be able to find a variety ofSkoon cat litterthat will please the cat and cat lover on your list this year.

Non-Toxic Kitty Clean-Up

If you or the cat lovers on your list are looking for an all-natural cat litter solution, look no further than Skoon cat litter. Skoon’s monthly litter box subscription means that you’ll receive certified non-toxic and hypoallergenic cat litter. Skoon’s all-natural cat litter is made up of safe ingredients, so you can rest assured that the litter you’re gifting is safe for both any human and feline residents of the home it will be delivered to.With all of those great perks and the fact that you’ve gifted a monthly litter box subscription that keeps the perks coming, you’ll be the most thoughtful gift-giver at any holiday gathering this year!

Select A Convenient Gifting Solution

Some really great gifts require a lot of planning or take a lot of time to put together, but with a monthly litter box subscription to Skoon, you can tick all of the great gifting boxes without leaving your house. When you need a convenient gifting solution this holiday season, Skoon cat litter is the answer.

  • Easy Ordering— Signing up for Skoon’s monthly litter box subscription can be done in a few clicks on the keyboard infive easy steps. This is one gift that requires no hassle to order.
  • A Gifting Solution at Any Time— The best thing about gifting a subscription service is that you can sign up for it at any time. Whether you’re looking to get your holiday shopping done weeks in advance or need a last-minute gift option, you can easilysign up for Skoononline in just minutes.
  • Less Shopping Stress— Avoid busy shopping areas and the stress of driving in holiday traffic and finding a parking spot by giftingSkoonfrom the comfort of your own couch. You won’t have to worry about going to a store only to find your gift of choice isout of stockeither — just go to Skoon’s website and customize the monthly litter box subscription to your recipient’s preferences, and Skoon will take care of the rest!

Enjoy Less Gift Anxiety

The gift of Skoon cat litter means that gift-giving anxiety will be a thing of the past. You won’t have to worry about your gift sitting on a shelf for years to come or being tucked into a closet and forgotten about. A monthly litter box subscription is sure to be put to use and appreciated by any fur parent.

Choose a Gift that Keeps on Giving

A monthly litter box subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will it ensure that your recipient never runs out of kitty litter, but they will be grateful every month when they’re marveling at how much easier their kitty clean-up is now.Simpler litter maintenance gives cat lovers more time to spend with their fur babies, and we can all agree that that’s the best gift of all. With all of these benefits, you might just have to treat yourself to a monthly litter box subscription this year.Skoon’s monthly litter box subscription makes kitty clean-up a breeze. This holiday season, treat all cat lovers on your list to a monthly litter box subscription from Skoon and be the best gift-giver in town!


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