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4 Reasons Why Skoon is the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter

Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter When House Guests Come

Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter When House Guests Come

It’s that time of year again. While the holidays mean a time of cheer and joy, it also means another thing: foot traffic.Chances are, if you’re hosting any kind of holiday gathering this year, your house is bound to see a lot of family and friends coming and going. While the sheer extroverted nature of this activity is enough to send some people into anxiety (or at least your cat, who is likely hiding under your bed), there is another worry that pops up…and it all starts in the kitty litter box.Allergies. When20 million Americans suffer from dust allergiesand anotherthree in ten are allergic to cats,your home could be a walking minefield for a holiday health disaster.Thankfully, Skoon has your back with the best hypoallergenic cat litter on the market. Skoon’s all-natural cat litter is your secret weapon during the holidays (and honestly, year-round, too).

What is the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter?

What is the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter?To be considered hypoallergenic, a cat litter needs to be 99 percent freefrom dust. This means the gross dust cloud you’ve probably witnessed in the past. It seems to mushroom up after you pour those sub-par cat litter brands. That dust cloud isn’t just a one-and-done occurrence. Its tiny particles float up and dissipate into the air waiting for an unsuspecting guest to breathe it in and have an allergic reaction.Talk about the worst kind of holiday party. Guests want to breathe in the aroma of freshly baked gingerbread and chestnuts roasting over an open fire– not kitty litter box death clouds of dust.It’s true: any number of your guests could waltz into your living room and have an asthma attack at any moment. And while it wouldn’t be your fault at all, it does kill that holly jolly vibe. The best hypoallergenic cat litter avoids these disasters.Here are the main things to consider for allergies that come from kitty litter box dust:

  • Material
  • Size of the pellets
  • Scented vs. Unscented
  • Odor Control
  • Disposal method

Here’s What the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter is Made of:

Here’s What the Best Hypoallergenic Cat LitterWhen it comes to types of cat litter, there are so many different options to choose from. From material to size– it can be any number of things:

  • Sand
  • Clay
  • Gel
  • Beads
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Diatom Pebbles

Deciphering the choices is enough to make your head spin. But if you truly want the best hypoallergenic cat litter, the secret is withinSkoon’srevolutionary diatom pebbles.These unique pebbles are a dream come true when it comes to all-natural cat litter. Diatom pebbles are made from fossilized organisms called diatoms. Thesediatomorganisms are a significant group of single-celled algae most commonly found in the oceans, waterways, and soils.The fossilized cells of this dead algae contain cell walls that end up making the pebbles super absorbent. The super-powered absorbent properties are so incredible; it’s hard to believe it’s real. But this secret within their structure makes diatom pebbles the best hypoallergenic cat litter you can find. Not only does it absorb liquids at an incredible rate, but the antimicrobial properties of the pebbles also keep the kitty litter box sanitary and super effective at controlling odors.While cat poop is a bummer, it’s super easy to maintain when your furbaby uses her kitty litter box. Solids sit on top, making it easy to scoop without all that messy clumping. Just check it daily and scoop it out.And when it comes to those stinky kitty tinkles that seem to seep into every nook and cranny of your house making house guests cringe and head for the hills— this hypoallergenic cat litter takes freshening the air to a new level.Not only will your guests not have reactions to dusty kitty litter box air, but the odor-controlling powers of Skoon’s diatom pebbles will also make your guests forget you even have a cat to begin with.Skoon’s diatom pebbles don’t just lock in moisture. They seal in the stinky smell as well! Skoon’s odor-locking powers make this all-natural cat litter unique and life-changing.Simply stir your kitty litter box pebbles regularly. This ensures that the pebbles disperse evenly, giving ample opportunity for every tiny space within its porous structure to absorb kitty tinkles before a house guest’s nose can detect the stench at all.

Cat Poop Never Smelled So Sweet

While Skoon’s diatom pebbles have super odor-absorbing abilities, that’s not the only trick we have up our sleeve. When it comes to being the best hypoallergenic cat litter on the market, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our offerings to our cat-loving community.Skoon now offers our all-natural cat litter in several scents and textures.If your furbaby has sensitive paws, don’t worry! You can still use the wonders of diatom pebbles in your kitty litter box.Skooncomes in both original pebbles and fine grain to ensure all cats can find a texture they love to do their business on. Fine grain is also compatible with automatic litter boxes.And when it comes to our number one goal during house guest season– if you want some extra oomph behind covering your kitty’s ink stink, Skoon now comes in several scents for you to choose from:

  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Original

And if you’re thinking, “But wait! Fragrances can cause allergy symptoms in some people.” We’ve got your back on this one, too.All of Skoon’s signature scents are natural as well. That way, your house can smell amazing without sacrificing any qualities of being the best hypoallergenic cat litter.

Disposal Methods Are Half the Battle When Fighting Allergies

Disposal Methods Are Half the Battle When Fighting AllergiesIt’s not just enough to use the best hypoallergenic cat litter in your kitty litter box. Allergies have a way of trying to overcome even our best efforts. That’s why litter disposal is so important. You don’t want the litter sitting around for too long, and you don’t want to pour it out, risking another asthma-inducing dust cloud. And let’s not forget the epic horrors that come with flushing it down the toilet, which can cause a disaster of mass proportions that are definitely not ideal around the holidays.Thankfully with Skoon, the best hypoallergenic cat litter doesn’t just come straight to your door with an easy-to-use monthly subscription service. You can also useSkoon’sspecially designed cardboard litter box. Each month, you get a new cardboard litter box to contain our all-natural cat litter, so there’s no need to waste time and energy cleaning it out.When your refill arrives, and your kitty litter box is ready for a switch, simply close up the cardboard litter box and toss! It is that easy. Plus, the cardboard is compostable. Paired with the biodegradable diatom pebbles, you’re doing Mother Nature a favor by being kind to the Earth. Way to go reducing your carbon footprint (or should we say pawprint?).

Impress Your Guests this Holiday Season with Skoon’s All Natural Cat Litter

Impress Your Guests this Holiday Season with Skoon’s All Natural Cat LitterThe holiday season can be stressful for people, especially if you’re in charge of hosting guests in your home. But thanks toSkoon, you can cross off worrying about your kitty litter box causing your house to smell like a cat or sending poor asthmatic Aunt Ida to the hospital.Avoid the dust clouds of other run-of-the-mill cat litters and choose the best hypoallergenic cat litter on the market.Click here to learn more about how Skooncan change the way you do kitty clean-up forever.


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