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How Different Types of Cat Litter Are Made

How Different Types of Cat Litter Are Made

Diatom Pebbles 101: How Cat Litter is Made

Every cat owner knows that cat health is a top priority. When it comes to kitty clean-up, understanding how cat litter is made and finding the right cat litter that promotes cat health can be difficult. Whether you’re walking down the cat litter aisle of your local pet store or scouring online pet websites, it can seem like there are hundreds of cat litter options out there. You know that you want cat litter that supports cat health, but how can you tell which cat litter is best?If you turn to your fellow cat-loving friends, it can seem like everyone has a different opinion on what kind of cat litter is best. From clay to corn to coconut husks, it can be overwhelming to hear about all of thedifferent materialsused to make cat litter and try to understand how cat litter is made. You could spend hours researching different litter types and ingredients and still not know which one to choose. Luckily, there is acat litterout there that won’t leave you scratching your head with all of your questions about how cat litter is made unanswered.Skoon cat litteris an all-natural cat litter option made out of the best kitty litter material on the market: diatom pebbles. WithSkoon, understanding how cat litter is made is simple, and knowing why Skoon’sdiatom pebblesare the best choice for cat health is even simpler.

How Cat Litter is Made: Traditional Litter vs. Skoon

The most important part of the answer to how cat litter is made is what material makes up the litter. Finding out which ingredients are used in a litter is the best way to know if it poses a risk to cat health and to your health as well. Two toxic materials commonly found in cat litter are sodium bentonite and crystalline silica dust. When researching how cat litter is made, you will probably see these dangerous compounds in many clumping cat litters. Theseingredientscan cause respiratory cat health issues, and crystalline silica dust is also a carcinogen that harms human health.These compounds can wreak havoc on otherareasof cat health when their litter dust is inhaled or ingested. Some of these cat health risks include the formation of masses in the intestines, dehydration, increased chance of infection and difficulties with digestion.These types of cat litter that contain toxic ingredients should definitely be avoided. When you ask how cat litter is made, you never want to hear that a well-known carcinogen posing risks to both human and cat health is involved.All in all, it’s much better to choose acat litterthat offers a simple answer to the question of how cat litter is made. ForSkoon, that answer includes one key all-natural ingredient: diatom pebbles.

What are Diatom Pebbles?

The best all-natural kitty clean-up solution out there is Skoon cat litter.Skoonis nontoxic and made of diatom pebbles from naturally-occurring diatomite.Wondering what exactly diatomite is and how cat litter is made from it?Diatomiteis left after a type of algae called diatoms fossilizes. Once these algae cells fossilize, they leave behind the sedimentary deposit known as diatomite, which is mostly made up of silica. Diatomite itself is filtering and absorbing experts.In fact, diatomite has been used in oil spill clean-ups and in beauty products to absorb the skin’s oils. It’s no wonder that diatomite is such an excellent option for an absorbent litter box solution.Skoontakes naturally occurring diatomite boulders and breaks them down into the pebbles you see in your cat’s litter box when you choose Skoon cat litter. The answer to ‘howcat litteris made?’ is truly that simple with Skoon.Skoon’s diatom pebbles are chipped off the boulder and treated with heat to ensure they are durable and have a sponge-like structure that enhances their absorbent properties. There is no additional processing or any sneaky hidden chemicals that might threaten cat health in Skoon litter.

Key Benefits of Diatom Pebbles

Skoon’s diatom pebbles offer a simple answer to how cat litter is made and make Skoon cat litter an excellent option for promoting cat health.Skoonis also great at all of the kitty clean-up functions you’re looking for in a cat litter. Here are a few keybenefitsof Skoon’s diatom pebbles:

  • Odor-Absorbent
  • Non-Clumping and Non-Tracking
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Hypoallergenic


Diatom pebbles expertly neutralize odors because diatomite has a great natural ability to absorb odors. Traditional kitty litters on the market often try and fail to absorb pesky litter box odors.Skoon’s Original formulationis unscented, hypoallergenic and completely odor-absorbent so you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant smells coming from the litter box.

Non-Clumping and Non-Tracking

Not only can clumping cat litters contain toxic ingredients, the clumps that they form can also cling to your kitty’s legs. No furry friend deserves to have to drag around icky blobs all day, and no fur parent wants to have to deal with extra clean-up when those clumps end up tracked all over the house. Skoon cat litter is non-clumping and non-tracking due to its trusty diatom pebbles. The large size and non-clumping nature ofSkoon pebblesensure that the cat litter stays in the litter box where it belongs, making you and your cat much happier.

Environmentally Friendly

When looking into how cat litter is made, many cat owners want to know if the litter is good for the environment’s health and cat health. There are many factors to consider when it comes to cat litter and the environment, including toxins, biodegradability, and disposal methods.Skoonchecks all the boxes because their diatom pebbles are non-toxic and biodegradable. And, thanks to Skoon’s easily disposable cardboardlitter box, you don’t have to worry about the environmentalhazardsof flushing cat litter.

Trust Skoon Cat Litter’s Diatom Pebbles

If you’ve ever looked into how cat litter is made and been left with more questions than you started with and piles of new concerns,Skoon cat litteris the answer to your kitty litter research troubles. You can trust Skoon cat litter and its diatom pebbles. Unlike many cat litters on the market, Skoon is all-natural, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Even better, you can pronounce its main ingredient and easily understand where it comes from.Now that you know how cat litter is made (and why diatom pebbles make Skoon the best choice for kitty clean-up)try Skoon yourselfto put cat health and happiness first. Order a bag of Skoon cat litter today, or sign up for a convenient monthly subscription to get started with the best all-natural cat litter available!


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