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Cat Appreciation 101: How To Show Your Cat You Love Them

Best Ways To Show Your Cat They Are Loved

Best Ways To Show Your Cat They Are Loved

As a fur parent, there’s nothing you love more than your adorable fur baby. It’s no question that you consider your pet a real part of the family and that you love them unconditionally, no matter how many hairballs they leave you or how many times they wake you up by pawing at your face.

While you know without question how much you love your cat, it’s not always so obvious to them. After all, you can tell your cat you love them but you’ll probably get a blank stare in return. How can you make sure your cat knows they are loved if they don’t understand the words you’re saying?

Even if you don’t speak the same language as your cat, it is possible to let them know you care. When it comes to cat appreciation, actions definitely speak louder than words. Read on to find out everything you need to know about how to show your cat you love them.

Spend Time With Your CatSpend Time With Your Cat

Our first tip for how to show your cat you love them is simple: spend quality time together. Setting aside one-on-one bonding time with your cat on a daily or weekly basis is a surefire way to support cat appreciation. Whether this means scheduled playtimes, grooming sessions or just spending time together in the same room, being present for your cat lets them know you enjoy being around them and is a clear sign of your love.

Learn Your Cat’s Language Learn Your Cat’s Language

While you can’t expect your cat to suddenly learn English and start talking to you, you can do everything you can to learn your cat’s language. Understanding what your cat’s body language and other forms of communication mean is one solution or how to show your cat you love them. You’ll be able to spot and respond to your cat’s cues to how they are feeling, and this will clearly show your cat appreciation.

An essential part of cat care is learning about cat body language so you know how your cat is feeling in any given situation. For example, a cat that is scared will display signs of fear including flattened ears, a tucked-in tail, shaking, hiding and crouching. A happy cat, on the other hand, will appear relaxed with ears positioned normally in an upright position and the tail up. If you know your cat is scared, you can help figure out what is causing them anxiety and take action, which is a great way how to show your cat you love them. Being able to tell when your cat is happy is important too because it shows you’re putting in the effort to pay attention and understand them.

Aside from body language, cats also have several unique communication strategies to be aware of. One example of a cat communication tactic is the action of blinking slowly. If you notice your cat is giving you a stream of slow blinks while they are relaxing, it’s a sign that your cat loves you. You can return the sentiment by blinking slowly at your cat in return. Learning about the different meows cats make, from distressed to content to worried variations, is another way to tune into your cat’s feelings and understand their language as you work on how to show your cat you love them.

Enjoy Bonding ActivitiesEnjoy Bonding Activities

While spending time around the house can be effective in strengthening your connection with your pet, so can scheduling exciting activities to experience together. There are plenty of fun ways to bond with your cat while you figure out how to show your cat you love them. Here are a few ideas for bonding activities that will show your cat appreciation:

  • Cat-Friendly Trip — Planning a feline-friendly getaway is an excellent strategy for how to show your cat you love them. Consider looking for a cat-friendly resort or hotel to stay in and plan a weekend road trip with your pet. As an alternative, you can stay close to home and go on a hike with your cat to explore the great outdoors together. Let your cat roam the trail while on a leash, or allow them to enjoy the scenic view out of Skoon’s Catpack Carrier to keep them safe and comfortable throughout the hike.
  • Spa Day — Planning a day filled with stress-relief activities for both you and your cat is a great cat care solution to promote bonding. Curate a playlist of soothing music to play in the background. Set up a cozy corner for your cat to lounge in, filled with blankets, pillows and warm towels for your cat to cuddle up with. Brush your cat and offer them plenty of gentle pets, and they’re sure to feel relaxed and loved.
  • Playtime — Effective bonding activities can be as simple as scheduling a regular playtime session with your cat. Do your best to be present during the play session and show your cat how much fun you’re having by smiling and engaging with them. You can try out different kinds of toys to see which one your cat likes the most, and experiment with catnip to show your cat extra appreciation.

Offer Great Cat CareOffer Great Cat Care

Making sure your cat feels appreciated and loved isn’t just about adding new strategies for how to show your cat you love them into your routine. It’s also about optimizing daily cat care tasks like feeding, grooming and keeping your cat’s litter box clean. These might seem like “the basics”, but they’re all super important parts of your cat’s everyday life. Making sure your cat gets the nutrition they need, looks their best with a shiny coat and matt-free hair and has an odor-free, clean litter box are all ways how to show your cat you love them.

If you’re looking to up your cat care game, make sure to fill your cat’s litter box with Skoon cat litter. Skoon has a 100% odor-free guarantee, so your pet won’t have to deal with any unpleasant smells. Skoon is also non-clumping and non-tracking, so it stays in the box where it belongs and won’t stick to your cat’s feet. Finally, Skoon is all-natural, free of toxic chemicals found in other traditional litters and formulated with your cat’s health in mind.

Choose Skoon to show your cat how much you love them by keeping their litter box clean, non-toxic and odor-free!








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