Options make everyone happy. At Skoon, we like to provide as many healthy cat litter subscription options as humanly possible and let you have your choice of the options that work best for you. With our bagged Skoon cat litter, you can enjoy its easy-pour design, lightweight structure and convenient storing options. Check out more of our bagged cat litter details below!

How is Skoon’s Bagged Cat Litter Different?

  • Bagged cat litter subscription options
  • Perfect for existing litter box set-ups
  • Convenient and light bags
  • Easy-pour bag design
  • Low-dust cat litter makes changing the litter box a breeze
  • Same great hypoallergenic cat litter blend!

Pour Some and Add Some Later: Skoon Cat Litter Bagged Products

Skoon cat litter bags offer convenient storing options and a purr-fect lightweight design. Discover how Skoon’s hypoallergenic cat litter bags can work for your kitty and your home and buy today!


Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable and All-Natural

Using Skoon’s bagged cat litter provides the best benefit to those used to using bagged cat litter: it’s just so light! Unlike other bagged kitty litters, Skoon’s lightweight composition allows for easy mobility and quick cleanup. Simply toss your old litter and refill to get your kitty to fall in love with Skoon today!

Is Skoon Cat Litter Right for Your Kitty?

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