1. Kathleen Valiente (verified owner)

    best litter ever! i cannot express how great it is!

  2. Reya Demirozu (verified owner)

    This litter works great for urine odor control for my one cat for about three weeks, after that it smells strongly of urine. There is absolutely no odor control at all for poop which I’m debating how I feel about that. It does make me scoop and sift more often so that’s a plus for my cat but I do not love smelling his poop every time he goes. Overall I prefer this litter over having regular clay cat litter in every inch of the house.

  3. Irene Michelitsch (verified owner)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I have 2 cats and scooping is now a breeze!

  4. Mohua Chakraborti (verified owner)

    I used to use Pretty Litter but I definitely like skoon better as my cat doesnt track it around all over the house. The pieces are big enough to clean/vacuum up, and the litter covers up odors way better. The only issue is when you step on a piece it like stepping on a lego block so keep the area clean!

  5. Yvette Lopez (verified owner)

    No more tracking and no smell at all

  6. Chelsea Keith (verified owner)

    My cat is odd and needs a lot of room in her litter box so she uses a plastic container and I pour the skoon in. SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT! Her box is in our room and you can’t even tell! Thank you skoon!

  7. Guyvanna Kennedy (verified owner)

    Works awesome as long as you remember to stir daily….otherwise if your cats pee in same spot it will get really stinky… I went on vacation for 2 weeks and my friend did not stir it, just scooped out the poop and well it was VERY bad when I got home…..When done correctly this litter last me a little over a month.

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