Important Changes to Your Subscription

A message about your order from our CEO

We are reaching out to let you know about some important changes to your Skoon subscription service that will take effect from April 1st, 2023.

As much as we hate to bring up the “purrice” topic, we have to be upfront with you – due to current market conditions and increased shipping costs, we will need to adjust the pricing for Skoon.

We understand this is not easy for anyone, but please know that we have worked hard to keep the price increase as small as possible, and we remain committed to providing the same high-quality litter that you and your furry friends have come to expect from us.

Starting April 1st, 2023, the new price of Skoon Cat Litter 8-lb Bag will be $26.95 and the 4-lb box (set of 2) will be $29.95

If your subscription features more than one cat, you will still receive the multi-cat discount accordingly. New price and details will be reflected in your next billing cycle after April 1st, 2023

However, if you’d like to consolidate your shipments, you can save up to $2 per bag. This would reduce the frequency of your order deliveries to every 8 or 12 weeks instead of every 4 weeks.

By consolidating your subscription into shipments of 2 or 3 bags/box set (for any frequency), you will receive the multi-cat discount accordingly. Final price orders pricing will be reflected on your next refill order.

If you would like to manage your order to consolidate and save, follow these easy steps:

STEP 1 - Log into your Skoon Account

Click here to log into your account using your email address.

STEP 2 - Edit Products

Go to your subscription and click on “Edit Products”.

STEP 3 - Update Quantity

Update the Quantity using the “+/-” selector, and click “Save Changes” once you are ready.

You will see the update on your subscription product.

If you don´t see the discount applied, don´t worry. Just wait a few minutes or refresh your window. It will be reflected once the order has been placed.

STEP 4 - Update Frequency

Now that you´ve updated quantity, you could also update frequency, for a longer Interval.

Click on the “More” button.

Then select “Edit Frequency”.

Select the preferred interval and hit “Apply”.

STEP 5 - Confirm

You are all set.

As a *bonus*, consolidating your shipment helps save the planet by reducing carbon emissions!

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to serve you and your beloved cat.


Skoon Customer Care