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Most cat litters are made from clay, clay compounds and various chemicals.

Skoon cat litter, however, is purely diatomite. We’ve broken down large diatomite boulders to pebble size and no smaller. These diatomite boulders are concentrated and compressed deposits of diatoms, fossilized algae skeletons that once produced the oxygen we breathe today.

To ensure the structure, absorption and durability of our Skoon pebbles with minimal dust, we heat-treat every pebble so you get the best kitty litter. This process increases the ionizing capacity of Skoon’s sponge-like structure, which does a few things:

  • Effectively traps odor-causing particles
  • Decreases moisture concentration
  • Maximizes absorption

Diatoms are a major group of single-celled algae, found in the oceans, waterways and soils of the world, generating about 20 percent of the oxygen of the planet. Check out their full biological makeup here!

It all goes back to where the two originate. The only thing Skoon has in common with diatomaceous earth is that they’re both derived from diatomite. Diatomaceous earth is pounded and ground into a fine powder, and can be sold with other chemicals or minerals mixed in (depending on the product).

Skoon is taken from diatomite and chipped away into chunks and pebbles, then heated to absorption and structural perfection. And that’s it! Because it’s not ground into powder or mixed with anything else, the substantial pebbles stay in your cat’s litter box, absorb odors and moisture effectively, and doesn’t pose any threat of being inhaled (unlike diatomaceous earth products).

Yes. Skoon is 100% organic and non-toxic, therefore qualifying it as an environmentally-friendly product.