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Skoon’s Guide to Probiotics for Cats

The 101 Guide to Probiotics for Cats

The 101 Guide to Probiotics for Cats

When you hear the term probiotics, you probably think about your own health. From yogurt to supplements, many products are available to boost digestion and stimulate other health benefits in humans.But did you know that there are probiotics for cats too?If you’re wondering how probiotics for cats work and how they can support cat health,Skoonhas all of the answers you’re looking for. This is Skoon’s guide toprobiotics for catsthat can help you discover all the essentials around how probiotics can benefit your fur baby’s health.

What are Probiotics?

The first thing that comes to mind when you come across the word ‘bacteria’ is probably NOT that it would make a good health supplement. Bacteria, however, is exactly whatprobioticsare made of! Before learning about how probiotics can benefit cat health, it’s essential to understand what probiotics are.Living bacteria make up probiotics, and they are considered to be “good bacteria” that can benefit health in many ways. Humans often take probiotics to help improve digestive health and balance bacteria in the gut. It’s thought that probiotics might help replenish preexistinggood bacteriain the body after it’s depleted (such as after taking antibiotics). Probiotics may also be useful in ensuring an optimal balance of good and bad bacteria in the body.

What Do Probiotics for Cats Do?

Now that you know what probiotics are, you might wonder how probiotics work exactly for cats. Just as it is in humans, the gut is an integral part of cat health. A cat’s digestive tract can be thought of as amicrobiomethat holds a lot of different kinds of bacteria that are key tocat health. If the levels of good and bad bacteria are balanced in Mr. Whisker’s gut, his digestive health and overall wellness is supported by the microbiome.When the levels of good and bad bacteria are not well balanced, cat health can be negatively affected. Somecausesof an unbalanced gut microbiome in cats are infection and stress, and some key symptoms to look out for are vomiting, diarrhea and lessened appetite. When a cat’s microbiome has been disrupted, probiotics for cats are a great way to restore balance.Probiotics for catsreintroduce live good bacteria to the gut to help the levels of good and bad bacteria reach an equilibrium that promotes cat health andwellness.

Benefits of Probiotics for Cats

While probiotics for cats certainly help improve the microbiome’s health in the gut, they can have other wide-ranging benefits on cat health as well. Here are some of the areas ofcat healththat are supported by probiotics for cats:

  • Digestion
  • Immune Health
  • Gut Health After Antibiotics
  • Overall Health

Improve Digestion

If your fur friend is suffering from digestive problems, probiotics for cats can be an excellent way to alleviate them. Cats can get upset stomachs from stressors such as taking a car ride, going on a long trip or staying in an unfamiliar place. Minor illnesses and chronic long-term conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome can also disruptdigestive healthin cats. In these cases, probiotics for cats can stimulate a balanced microbiome and improve digestivecat health.Whether you are hoping to help your cat out with some tummy troubles or just want to give their gut health a boost, probiotics for cats are the perfect choice. Probiotics for cats can benefitdigestive healthby aiding in the uptake of nutrients and helping food be broken down and digested properly. Probiotics can also be given to cats who aren’t showing signs of an upset stomach or digestive illness.

Boost Immune Health

Probiotics for cats are a great way to stay on top of your cat’s immune health proactively. A well-functioning immune system keeps infections and illnesses away so that your cat can enjoy their favorite daily activities while feeling both happy and healthy. A cat’simmune systemis linked to its digestive system. When one of these systems is not working correctly, the other one can be negatively affected.Probioticsfor cats are an easy solution that allows you to boost your cat’s immune and digestive systems all at once, promoting cat health. Some probiotics also have anti-inflammatory properties, making them even more beneficial for boosting your cat’simmune system.

Gut Health After Antibiotics

Antibiotics are often prescribed to help humans and animals alike deal with infections, but they can wipe out both good and bad bacteria in the body. If your cat has recently taken antibiotics, the good and bad bacteria levels in their microbiome may not be properly balanced. This can cause stomach discomfort and can allow bad bacteria to grow unchecked because there are not enough good bacteria left in the gut. Probiotics for cats canimprove gut healthafter antibiotics by stabilizing the amounts of good and bad bacteria.

Maintain Overall Health

Ahealthy catis a cat in homeostasis. Homeostasis means that essential nutrients and other factors are balanced in the body. By promoting the ideal balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut microbiome, probiotics help cats achievehomeostasis. Cats also need a balanced level ofnutrientsin their body to stay in homeostasis, and probiotics can help with this too by facilitating better nutrient absorption. Probiotics for cats are a great way to maintain your fur baby’s overallhealth and wellnessthrough improvements in balance and homeostasis throughout the body.

Probiotics for Cats: Helpful Tips

Prioritizing cat health with probiotics for cats doesn’t have to be complicated.Skoonknows that keeping your cat healthy should be simple. Here are some key tips that will make getting started with probiotics easier for both you and your cat:

  • Hide the Probiotics— Every cat owner knows that giving our fur friends medication can be a hassle. If you try to give your cat a probiotic in the form of apillon its own, you’re most likely in for a struggle. Instead, try hiding the probiotic in a treat or choose one that can be sprinkled onto your cat’s food likeSkoon Probiotics, so they won’t even notice it’s there.
  • Choose a Cat-Friendly Flavor— Even if you’ve gone to the trouble of hiding the probiotic in your cat’s food, your cat still might taste it because some probiotics have anunpleasantnatural flavor. Skoon Probiotics are an excellentchoicefor the picky feline in your life because they taste like chicken and tuna — flavors that are sure to appeal to your cat and make feeding them aprobioticeasy.
  • Use Probiotics Made for Cats— When choosing a probiotic for your cat, make sure it’s made specifically for cats.Probiotics for catssuch asSkoon Probioticsare formulated with the cat microbiome and cat digestive health in mind, ensuring safety and effectiveness for your cat. Human probiotics should not be given to cats because human and cat digestive systems are not the same.

Choose Skoon Probiotics for Your Cat

When you’re searching for the best probiotic solution for your cat, look no further thanSkoon Probiotics. Skoon’s probiotic nutritionalsupplementis flavored with chicken and tuna and can be sprinkled right on your cat’s regular food. Your cat is sure to love the flavor, and you’ll love how easySkoon Probioticsmakes it to support your cat’s health.Skoon Probiotics not only benefit your cat’s digestive and immune systems, but can also improve skin health by decreasing itching and scratching.Skoon Probioticsmake your cat’s life (and your life) easier by stimulating overall health, reducing shedding, promoting regularity and decreasing litter box smell.Try Skoon Probiotics todayto give your cat’s health the boost it needs and deserves!


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