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How to Choose the Right Litter for Your Cat

How to Choose the Right Litter for Your Cat

Kitty Litter Beads, Pebbles, and Clay — Oh My! How to Choose the Right Litter for Your Cat

When it comes to owning a cat, there’s so much to love. Cuteness, cuddles and companionship. Your furbabies are so unique, and you’d do anything to make sure they’re taken care of.But if we’re honest, cat cleanup chores can be a bit of a buzz kill.Cat poopand kitty tinkles tend to be smellier than we bargain for, and there are so many cat litter ingredients out there to choose from; it’s enough to make your head spin! There are so many questions; it’s hard to know where to start!

  • What are kitty litter beads?
  • Is clay messy, and why does it clump?
  • Is clumping a good feature or annoying?
  • What is the best low-maintenance litter box filler that will be the best for my cat and not make my house feel like we brought the beach home?
  • And will any of these materials actually hurt my cat?

When your questions feel endless, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. That’s why we have the lowdown oncat litter ingredientsand how to choose what not only works well for your cat — but for you, too!

How to Choose the Right Cat Litter Ingredients

How to Choose the Right Cat Litter IngredientsIn the world ofdisposable cat litter, there are many different options. The three most popular are claimed to be effective at being low-dust, non-tracking, and super odor absorbent: silica litter, clay litter or diatom pebbles.However, they are all significantly different cat litter ingredients with their own individual and unique pros and cons.



Kitty Litter Beads

Kitty Litter Beads Made from silica, kitty litter beads or crystal litters are super popular for their absorbent properties. However, it is a hotly debated topic with many conflicting sources on the Internet.Many cat owners worry that kitty litter beads are toxic if ingested or inhaled. While many of the more popular brands of silica litter claim it is safe and will pass through cats fine if ingested in small amounts— that’s the key phrasing to consider: small amounts.If you dive deeper into many silica litter brands’ FAQ sections, often you’ll find disclaimers that kittens under six months old should not use silica litter because they may overeat it or that if your cat has a knack for wanting to munch on kitty litter, you need to watch them closely.So while these do have excellent properties, proceed with caution and do your research.

Clay Litters

Clay LittersOne of the most alluring parts of using clay litters is how natural they seem. Instinctually, your feline friend doesn’t even have to be trained to use this kind of disposable cat litter because it’s so similar to the great outdoors. Clay-based cat litters are also known for effectively neutralizing odors and are typically good at clumping, which some owners find as a perk for scoop maintenance (though that’s also debatable and a matter of preference).However, while it may seem like a clear choice since it’s a more natural approach to kitty litter, some risks still exist with clay litters. One of the cat litter ingredients in clay litters is sodium bentonite which“swells to fifteen times its natural size when exposed to liquids.”This means if your cat ingests it, it could pose significant health issues.

Diatom Pebble Litter

Diatom Pebble LitterDiatom pebblesare a revolutionary cat litter ingredient that is changing how we change out our cat litter. Instead of scooping out annoying, messy clumps, solids sit right on top — ready to scoop out. The only maintenance required for diatom pebble litter with Skoon is stirring it occasionally to maximize absorbency.Diatom pebbles are so amazingly absorbent; the litter box stays dry throughout being used and between litter changes. The best part? It doesn’t change in size when absorbed. This means if Mr. Whiskers accidentally nibbles on some diatom pebble litter, this cat litter ingredient won’t tragically swell inside his intestines. Instead, it’ll safely pass through. The relief and peace of mind cat owners feel knowing diatom pebbles don’t pose a health risk is substantial.It’s an all-natural cat litter option that also is proven to be non-toxic. While it can be hard to find the information on other cat litter brands regarding the fine print on health and safety, diatom pebble brands likeSkoonhave thetoxicity reportreadily available to read for cat owners trying to decide which cat litter is best and safest for their cat.Diatom pebbles are not only all-natural, but they’re alsoinherently biodegradable. This means that this cat litter ingredient is not just good for your kitty — it’s also good for the planet. When kitty litter is broadly posing issues in landfills today, this is another quality of diatom pebbles all cat owners should appreciate.Plus, with all the benefits of it being ultra odor-absorbant, low dust, non-tracking and easy to maintain, using diatom pebble cat litter is also good for you! It’s a win-win all the way around.

But What About Kitty’s Preference?

But What About Kitty’s Preference?It’s true; kitties can have opinions — often as strong as the stench of their kitty tinkles. But that doesn’t mean you’re a slave to terribly ineffective or potentially harmful litter substances. Many cats can be trained to use different litters, and thankfullySkoon offers two versionsof diatom pebbles: original and fine grain.This means if you have a kitty with super sensitive paws or own an automatic litter box, the fine grain option will probably be an easier transition for them. It still has the same exceptional odor-absorbing properties. It’s just a different texture (and one that cats love!).

Skoon Makes Choosing A Kitty Litter Even Easier

Skoon Makes Choosing A Kitty Litter Even EasierWhen choosingdisposable cat litter, it’s important to know your options. Explore the pros and cons of all cat litter ingredients and do your research, especially regarding the FAQ sections of brands you’re considering.But when it comes to whichcat litter ingredientreally checks all the boxes for desirable qualities like healthy and safe for your cat, odor-absorbing and easy maintenance for kitty chores done by you and, of course, good for the planet, so you’re not increasing your carbon footprint, few cat litters are as effective as diatom pebbles.Skoon presents the facts and research on the properties of their diatom pebble all natural cat litter in a way that cat owners can find on the site. Plus,Skoonoffers several varieties for you to choose from.Not only can you choose which texture your cat’s paws will prefer, but they also offer scents!Kitty clean-up has never been easier, especially becauseSkoonis a cat litter delivery service as well. Simply subscribe and receive your kitty litter every month with a disposable litter box that’s just as biodegradable as the litter.It seriously can’t get any easier than that.

Read more to find out more about how diatom pebbles are revolutionizing the way litter box maintenance is handled.



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