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The Funniest Things Cat Do: Cat Zoomies, Pranks and More

The Funniest Things Cat Do: Cat Zoomies, Pranks and More

Cat Zoomies and Other Funny Things Cats Do

Cats rank as one of the funniest animals out there. While most of their day is spent fast asleep, they cause quite the commotion in the short time that they’re awake. On any given day, you’ll find your felines zooming throughout the house, squeezing themselves into compromising positions, going to war with toilet paper rolls and getting way too up close and personal with their owners (you know what we’re talking about). These furry little comedians may be hilarious, but certain actions — a case of the cat zoomies, for example — may also be an indicator of something bigger that’s happening with their overall cat health.But let’s get back to the laughs, shall we? Here, we’ve rounded up the funniest things that you may see your cats do. Think: everything from cozying up on a plastic bag to imitating your computer habits, as well as listed what these behaviors may be telling you about your cat’s overall health and wellbeing.Here comes the fun part: Work your way down this list to see how your kitty’s comedic chops stack up with the other cats on the Internet.Click on the images for a direct link to the videos!

Cats jump over cucumbers.

Cats jump over cucumbers

Believe it or not, but cats are terrified of cucumbers. To your feline, cucumbers look just like snakes, which they are instinctively afraid of. When a cat comes across a cucumber (or really, when someone tries to prank their cat with a cucumber), they may simply run away or even jump feet — seriously — off the ground.




Cats get the zoomies.

Cats get the zoomies

Most of the day, you’ll find your cat curled up on the couch, snuggled in a paper bag or sprawled out in the sun catching some Zzz’s. In fact, most cats sleep anywhere from 12 to 16 hours a day. For one reason or another, your cat may get a sudden burst of energy, a.k.a. the cat zoomies. When the energy hits after they wake up from a long slumber, do their business in the litter box, or, ya know, whatever else fires them up, they’ll bounce off the walls (literally), potentially destroying everything and anything in its path. Funny, right?


Cats try to get work done on their human’s laptop.

Cats try to get work done on their human’s laptop

Some cats plop down on their human’s laptop and take a nap. Others stare directly at the screen as if they’re working. One TikTok user started a phenomenon called #LaptopCat, where she explained that cats like to mirror their owners. Some cat lovers even went so far as to buy their cats their own mini laptops to work side by side.




Cats squeeze into the smallest spaces.

Cats squeeze into the smallest spaces

Really, cats would win any game of hide-and-seek. They tend to find sneaky hiding spots throughout the house,such as underneath couch cushions, inside the bathroom kitchen or between cabinets. While it may be their way to escape the hustle and bustle (or their annoying sibling), hiding also makes them feel safe if there’s an unusual guest or noise in the house.



Cats sit on — and play with — plastic bags.

Cats sit on — and play with — plastic bags

You can give your cat an entire pet store’s worth of toys and treats, but somehow they’ll always find more enjoyment in the plastic bag it came in. There’s no rhyme or reason why they’re so obsessed with plastic — some love the crinkling sound they make, others like how they’re cool to the touch, and many just love how fun they are to play with.




Cats headbutt their owner.

Cats headbutt their owner

Think of this little nudge as a cat’s way of hugging you. This self-soothing action is actually a way for them to mark their colony with their scent, which means that they identify you as the person they love most. But more often than not, cats headbutt people to get some pets and cuddles in return. No complaints here.




Cats get a little catnip crazy.

Cats get a little catnip crazy

Give a cat the right amount of catnip, and they’ll be perfectly happy. You might see them roll or flip on the ground until they eventually zone out. Some cats, however, can tolerate less catnip than others, which means they may react in a more wild fashion. But don’t worry, it’s challenging for cats to overdose on catnip, but they may become sick to the stomach if they are too stimulated.



Cats start to lick their human’s arm.

Cats start to lick their human’s arm

It’s cute when your cat grooms itself or its sibling, but when its sandpaper tongue makes it way up and down your arm? That’s a whole different story. Although there’s a good chance that they’re on a grooming spree, they may lick their humans as a way to show affection or mark their territory — both equally as sweet.




Cats can sleep anywhere, anytime.

Cats can sleep anywhere, anytime

After a case of the cat zoomies, your feline will be ready to lay their head just about anywhere — in a shopping bag, tucked inside the hood of a sweatshirt, leaning off the edge of a chair, or another unusual spot. It may be odd, but if it works, it works!




Cats have no concept of personal space.

Cats have no concept of personal space

Felines are known to be fiercely independent, but sometimes even the most stubborn cats want a bit of lovin’. When the time arises, they’ll do whatever it takes to get all eyes on them, whether it’s by crawling a human’s body like a jungle gym, giving someone’s face a nice lick or plopping down on their person’s chest.




Cats knead more dough than a bakery.

Cats knead more dough than a bakery

Your cat works hard for their money, too! Typically, you’ll find cats kneading blankets on couches and beds to convey their sense of comfort and happiness. Some cats may knead their human’s lap or while they’re being petted or snuggled as a way to show affection. But really, when it’s all said and done, they’re just hard at work making that bread … get it?




Cats go to war with toilet paper rolls.

Cats go to war with toilet paper rolls

Who knew toilet paper rolls could double as toys for your cat? In most cases, toilet paper rolls are an open invitation to put their hunting skills to work. They’ll start by attacking the end of the roll, quickly unraveling the whole thing and making a mess of your bathroom. How thoughtful!   If you want to give your kitty a cleaner, better cat litter option, get started with Skoon. We offer a variety of non-clumping scents, ideal for kittens and multi-cat households.


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