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By Kate from Johnstown, CO On 06/22/2019

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I loved the IDEA of this litter but it didn’t live up to its claim. The urine pooled at the bottom of the cat box and the smelly poop sat right on top. It smelled strongly of ammonia. Scoping was difficult as well. No matter how big the spaces in your slotted scoop, you grabbed up a lot of clean rocks. Im sad this didn’t work out. I’m going to use the remainder of my Skoon at the bottom of my flower pots and move on.

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Merchant response for this review:

Hi Kate, We are sorry to hear that Skoon didn't meet your expectations. Skoon has an amazing absorption power, we just need to make sure to stir after removing solids to keep the pebbles in circulation and evenly distributed so they don't get saturated in the same spot. When the pebbles stop absorbing, the liquids may go to the bottom. Can you please let us know how often were you stirring the pebbles? We appreciate your time and valuable feedback. If there is anything we can do for you, feel free to contact us at, or call Customer Service at (888) 433-9089. Thanks. Kind Regards, Skoon Team