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Qualities Look For in Kitty Litter for Cats with Asthma

What Kitty Litter Is Best For Cats With Asthma

What Kitty Litter Is Best For Cats With Asthma

No fur parent wants their pet to deal with a troublesome medical condition. Sometimes, despite your best cat care efforts, illnesses like asthma are unavoidable. Fortunately, there is plenty that cat owners can do to help improve their quality of life and reduce symptoms.Whether your cat has recently been diagnosed with asthma or has been dealing with it for years, all you want is what’s best for them, and you’ll do anything to support their health.Luckily, valuable strategies for caring for a cat with asthma don’t have to be difficult or require a major investment of time. You can add simple solutions to your regular cat care routine that can make your cat’s life (and your life) easier. A great place to start is filling your cat’s litter box with the right kitty litter for cats with asthma.Here’s everything you need to know about qualities to look for in kitty litter for cats with asthma and why Skoon is the best choice on the market.

Low or No Dust Kitty Litter

Low or No Dust Kitty LitterWhen your cat has asthma, it’s essential to determine what kinds of triggers worsen their symptoms. Once you know your cat’s triggers, you can take measures to avoid them and help prevent asthma attacks. Dust from cat litter can be a severe problem for not only your cat’s respiratory health but yours too. Low dust or no dust kitty litter should be at the top of your wish list when you’re shopping for kitty litter for cats with asthma.When it comes to common triggers for cats with asthma, dust from cat litter often tops the list. The problem with dusty cat litters isn’t simply that there’s dust in the box — it’s that the dust doesn’t just stay there. Cat litter dust can enter your cat’s airways, causing irritation and triggering serious issues with asthma. It can even irritate your lungs too.Low or no dust kitty litter is a much better option for cats with asthma. Skoon cat litter is low dust, making it a great choice when you’re searching for kitty litter for cats with asthma.

A Clay Alternative

A Clay AlternativeAnother important factor in finding the right kitty litter for cats with asthma is considering the material it’s made of. Traditional cat litters are often made out of clay. While this material may be a popular choice with other litter companies, it’s not good for your cat’s health.In fact, it can cause significant health issues in cats. Clay litters contain silica dust, which can easily travel through the air and into your cat’s airways, where it can cause respiratory distress and worsen asthma symptoms. Even if your cat doesn’t have asthma, the materials in clay litter can irritate airways and negatively affect breathing.The best kitty litters for cats with asthma are clay alternatives, like Skoon’s all-natural cat litter. Skoon is made out of diatom pebbles from a totally natural fossilized algae source called diatomite. Skoon is completely free of carcinogenic additives like silica dust and biodegradable. That’s why it’s an excellent kitty litter for cats with asthma.

Environmentally-Friendly and Non-Toxic

Environmentally-Friendly and Non-ToxicIt’s always a plus when you can find a cat care product that’s both great for your cat and good for the planet. The best kitty litters for cats with asthma are free of materials and additives that are toxic to cats and to the environment. Skoon cat litter is both.Skoon is certified non-toxic and doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals or unnatural additives. Skoon takes environmentally-friendly litter to the next level by also being biodegradable.Even Skoon’s litter boxes are good for the environment — they’re made of cardboard and will also biodegrade. When you want to make the most positive impact possible with your litter choice, choose Skoon.

Make the Healthy Choice: Skoon Cat Litter

Make the Healthy Choice: Skoon Cat LitterThe search for the right kitty litter for cats with asthma doesn’t have to be difficult. While you could easily spend hours browsing online for different cat litter options, you shouldn’t have to. When you’re looking for low or no dust cat litter that is free of clay, scents and unnatural toxins, the choice is clear: Skoon.Skoon cat litter checks all the boxes that make a great kitty litter for cats with asthma. Even better, it’s a convenient kitty clean-up solution. With our subscription service, Skoon’s pre-filled cardboard litter boxes show up at your door monthly. Instead of wasting time on trips to the pet store or worrying about running out of litter, you’ll have more stress-free time to spend with your fur baby.Make a healthy choice and try Skoon today. It’s sure to become your new go-to kitty litter for cats with asthma!






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