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All About Hypoallergenic Cat Litter

What is the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter?

What is the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter And How it Helps Your Kids

What is the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter And How it Helps Your KidsCats really are just like us. Similar to humans, dust, fragrances and other irritants in the air may give your cat a serious case of the sniffles, along with itchy eyes, swollen paws and other respiratory issues. And while medication can be used in more serious cases, your cat may also benefit from switching up the products you use in your household. Although, yes, cats may be allergic to just about anything they breathe in, touch or eat, the chances are that your cat doesn’t come across too many possible irritants in a day.That means you may be able to track down what’s causing your cat’s allergies if you closely observe them.Believe it or not, some cats areallergicto their kitty litter. Some non-clumping cat litter is prone to dust, which may set their allergies off (just like humans, right?). On the other hand, selective clumping cat litter contains sodium bentonite, a chemical agent that causes the liquids to form clumps and happens to be the root of many cat allergies. Allergies should really be analyzed on a case-by-case basis: Some cats are thrown off by fragrance, and others have a very specific reaction to one of the materials used in the kitty litter.It may be a smart idea to switch over to a hypoallergenic cat litter for all of these reasons. Skoon, for example, is an all-natural cat litter with all-natural scents, harmful chemicals and next-to-no dust, making it one of the best hypoallergenic cat litters on the market. Still not sure if it’s worth the switch? Read on to find out the ins and outs of hypoallergenic cat litter, plus the changes you may see in your cat’s health and behavior as a result of the switch. (Not to mention the benefits their allergy-ridden owners will see too!)

Understanding What Hypoallergenic Really Means

Understanding What Hypoallergenic Really Means
Most allergies, whether it’s due to the pollen outside or your pet’s dander

Most allergies, whether it’s due to the pollen outside or your pet’s dander, can’t be fully cured. Certain medications may ease the symptoms (think: itchy eyes, frequent sneezing and congestion), but an easy way to keep your allergies at bay is to make changes to your environment.When something — say, cat litter — is labeled as hypoallergenic, it means that it’s less likely to trigger an allergic reaction. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees, so hypoallergenic products may make a reaction less likely, but they are still possible if you have a severe allergy. Also, manufacturers don’t have to prove their hypoallergenic claim, so it’s hard to know exactly what’s effective and what’s not.

How Hypoallergenic Cat Litters Help Humans andTheir Cats

How Hypoallergenic Cat Litters Help Humans and Their CatsSome pet owners are indeed allergic to some ingredients in standard clumping and non-clumping cat litter, but it’s more likely that your cat is the one struggling with a cat litter allergy. Similar to humans, your furry friend may exhibit a mix of allergy symptoms, including itchy skin, sneezing, runny and itchy eyes, vomiting, diarrhea, swollen paws and/or loud snoring. Their allergies typically stem from the dust or fragrance from cat litter, but sometimes it comes down to the ingredients. Take clay clumping cat litter, for example: Many cats are allergic to the scent of sodium bentonite, a chemical that allows clumps to form.Even if you don’t notice your cat’s allergies in their early years, you may not be out of the woods just yet. Like humans, cats can develop allergies at any point in their lives, becoming even more susceptible as they get older. It may be challenging to nail down the irritant — Is it their food? A fragrance in the area? A cleaning product? — so, keep a watchful eye on your cat to see if their symptoms worsen after they use the litter box. If they stop using the litter box altogether, this may also signify that they have a severe allergy to the ingredients in the cat litter that you’re currently using.At Skoon, many of our biggest fans have young children at home. They may choose Skoon because it is hypoallergenic and dust-free, providing less risk since inhaling dusty litter can be dangerous. And while you should always watch your children to make sure they aren’t snacking on litter, since Skoon is non-toxic, it provides less risk than alternative brands.

The Benefits of Hypoallergenic Cat Litter

The Benefits of Hypoallergenic Cat LitterThe best hypoallergenic cat litter will reduce your sniffles, congestion and itchy eyes (along with a slew of other allergy symptoms) while keeping your cat’s health top of mind. Free of dust, chemicals or artificial fragrance, hypoallergenic cat litter boasts several benefits for humans their furry friends, including:

  • Hypoallergenic cat litter reduces your cat’s allergies, which can often be triggered by the dust, fragrances or chemical ingredients found in standard cat litter.
  • It helps humans who are suffering from allergies, too! While most of your allergies may stem from the cat itself, some people may notice allergy symptoms when they change over the litter box; hypoallergenic cat litter will make cleaning the litter box more bearable (and way less sniffly).
  • Cats with sensitive skin may itch their skin less often and get minor irritation or rashes.
  • The dust found in other cat litter may heighten an older cat’s (or any age cat’s, really) underlying respiratory condition. Make sure the hypoallergenic cat litter that you pick is known to be dust-free to make it more suitable for their health needs.
  • In the past, it’s possible that your cat was avoiding the litter box due to their allergies. As your cat’s health improves, they may frequent the litter box even more, making it a win for everyone involved.

How to Find the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter

First and foremost, always look to see if the word “hypoallergenic” is anywhere on the brand packaging. But even so, some hypoallergenic cat litters work better than others. Pay close attention to the ingredients in the cat litter; all-natural options like Skoon are better at combating allergies since chemicals like sodium bentonite are often the culprit. With that being said, non-clumping cat litter may be your best bet.Although the dust from non-clumping cat litter tends to track more efficiently, this type of cat litter typically is made with natural materials and doesn’t include as many chemicals in its formula (like Skoon’s, just sayin’), making it a great option for cats with allergies or sensitive skin.As a general rule, look for hypoallergenic cat litter that is 100% dust-free, free of chemicals and naturally scented. Many of the top kitty litter brands carry a hypoallergenic formula, but, we must say, nothing compares to Skoon. Made with all-natural Diatom pebbles, Skoon’s sponge-like structure absorbs odor without creating any (or tiny amounts) dust.If you want to give your kitty a cleaner, better cat litter option, get started with Skoon. We offer a variety of non-clumping scents, ideal for kittens and multi-cat households.


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