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5 Reasons Cat Owners Are Raving About Skoon

Discover the Purr-fect Harmony of Convenience, Comfort, and Sustainability with Skoon Cat Litter


1. Absolute Odor Control

Skoon is a game-changer for you and your cat. This is non-clumping (read: no scraping pee chunks EVER), pebble litter. Cat owners are raving about Skoon because these aren't just any pebbles - they are highly absorbent diatom pebbles that act like microscopic sponges, absorbing their own weight in liquids and trapping 100% of odors, leaving your home smelling fresh!


2. You Forget It's Even There

While loving your cat is easy, cleaning that designated kitty bathroom and running to the store to buy heavy litter is a whole other story. With Skoon there’s no scraping, sifting, or scooping… No more straining your back or carrying around heavy bags of litter. In short, this is about as low maintenance as it gets!


3. No Mess, Low Dust

Keeping the litter box tidy, and maintaining a clean home can be quite a task. Skoon’s non-tracking pebbles are low dust and hypoallergenic, so you will never have to worry about cleaning up sandy floors or breathing toxic dust.


4. Peace of Mind

Skoon is 100% natural and non-toxic, designed with the health of your cat and family in mind. Skoon does not harm the environment, pets, or humans. Our unique Diatom Pebbles will not stick to your cat´s paws which can cause unhealthy licking.


5. It´ s eco-friendly

Ensuring the human-feline bond is one that will last as long as the planet, Skoon is doing its part to reduce carbon “pawprints” with pebbles that are inherently biodegradable. And since Skoon is lighter than other cat litters, less energy is required to transport it. That means less fossil fuel consumption and fewer emissions.

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