What is Skoon?

Skoon is an all-natural, non-clumping cat litter crafted for ultimate odor control.

It’s made of highly absorbent diatom pebbles that trap the funky smell of kitty tinkles with their porous structure, ensuring an odor-free and easy to clean litter-box. Skoon is 99% dust free and non-tracking, keeping your kitty healthy and your floors free of debris...and because it's four times lighter than regular litter and biodegradable, Skoon will significantly reduce your cat's carbon pawprint over her lifetime (and any backstraining too)

Less bag lugging, more cat-loving. Try Skoon today!

We take the diatom pebbles and supercharge their absorption capabilities through our unique low heat-thermal activation process.

The result? A sponge like structure that absorbs liquids by capillary force from the inside out, trapping and destroying the bad odor causing particles from urine and rapidly drying up solids for easy removal. Urine is absorbed in seconds, so it always stays clean and dry, leaving no trace and best of all absolutely NO ODOR!

Skoon, nature’s purr-fectly designed cat litter. A safe and all-natural, lightweight, ecofriendly solution to cat waste for the health and well-being of your cat and your family.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring type of sediment made from tiny, single-celled organisms called diatoms, which are essentially fossilized algae. It can be used for many purposes, from human health supplements to industrial applications. There are two types of Diatomaceous Earth: Crystalline and Amorphous. Amorphous forms of silica do not present the health hazard associated with the crystalline forms. Skoon is made from uncalcined amorphous Diatomaceous Earth. This makes it all natural and safe for your cat and your family.

The Diatomax Process

We reinforce Skoon’s natural absorption power with our proprietary thermal activation process called Diatomax. This method of low heat activation increases the ionizing capacity of Skoon’s sponge-like, porous structure, allowing it to more effectively trap odors and lower moisture concentration. During Diatomax, Skoon is gently heat-treated at no more than 120 degrees Celsius, ensuring its particles maintain their structural integrity, eliminating the risk of forming hazardous dust particles.

What makes Skoon Safe?

Skoon is completely safe for your cat. Skoon’s safety lies in two key factors: its physical structure and mineral contents. How does Skoon do it? Let’s break it down:

Skoon’s Physical Structure

Skoon cat litter is made up of small rocks or pebbles and not dust. When diatomaceous earth is in the form of powder or dust, it has to be regulated by US government agencies, mainly to ensure non-hazardous working conditions (OSHA Regulations). Skoon does not fall into the dust or powder category because of its much larger size and weight, representing no hazard for inhalation.

Skoon’s Mineral Contents

Skoon is made of non-calcined diatomaceous earth and contains amorphous silica and other naturally occurring minerals. We’ve subjected Skoon to toxicity testing to ensure safety and rule out any potentially harmful particles. The official toxicity report, generated by a third-party lab, shows all Skoon’s ingredients are well known and have a history of safe use in the marketplace with no reports of adverse effects or reactions.

The Results

Based on the toxicological profiles of the ingredients used in Skoon Cat Litter, their concentrations in the formulation and the mode of use of the product, it is concluded that this product is considered safe for use.