Buying cat litter online, and even signing up for a cat litter subscription can be tricky. You may not always know what you’re in for! Well, you and your kitty can rest assured knowing that our diatom-enhanced, unscented and non-clumping kitty litter is here for you. Discover the difference with our single purchase cat little products below!

How is Skoon’s Boxed Cat Litter Different?

  • Sent in less packaging
  • Offers an easy-to-carry, ergonomic design
  • Pop-open and place makes cleaning your litter box a breeze
  • Say goodbye to your litter box: our boxed cat litter subscription is all you need
  • Cat litter disposal made easy: simply toss it all!

Set Up & Stir: Boxed Skoon Cat Litter

Using Skoon’s boxed kitty litter allows for easy cleanup. Simply pop open the box and let your kitty go! When the pebbles turn off-white, you can easily toss the box and open a new one for your kitty.


Convenient, Organic and Effective Odor & Moisture Control

Clumping litters that promise to provide better odor and moisture control are a thing of the past. Here’s what’s hot: non-clumping and organic kitty litter. Luckily for you, Skoon cat litter’s single-ingredient diatom formula offers immediate odor and moisture control. Plus, it’s low-maintenance and non-clumping. All you gotta do is stir and replace! Skoon’s boxed kitty litter design allows you to simply pop open a new box of Skoon and toss the old litter.

It’s that easy.

Is Skoon Cat Litter Right for Your Kitty?

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