1. Aarika Clinger (verified owner)

    Great product for our kitten. He transitioned right from traditional litter to this with no issues at all. Cut down on the mess, smell and pick up. We used it all of the way up until he moved outdoors.

  2. Jennifer Levans (verified owner)

    I don’t smell the urine which is an absolute blessing! My cats do have a nasty habit of, I think the best way to describe it would be, chronic digging. They will dig and dig and dig until the poop is completely buried and the rest of the box is empty of litter. I’ve noticed often times when I do start to notice the urine smell, it’s because the urine has soaked through the box. Possibly due to my cats digging through the plastic coating on the box. I’m changing to the bag and back to a normal litter box, so we’ll see if that’s any better. I love the product very much and tell everyone I know who has a cat about it. I probably will never go back to normal litter ever again. Thanks Skoon! It’s very hard to get my attention with a commercial, but your hilarious commercial hooked me instantly!

  3. rachel simpson (verified owner)

    My cats like it, it isn’t smelly, and it doesn’t track all over my house! Also, no more washing out a yucky litterbox. I toss the box with the litter when it is done. Win win.

  4. Salim Makhlouf (verified owner)

    It’s easy to use, easy to discard and change out. What’s not to like? Bonus is there is no longer any litter and litter dust being tracked out of the box.

  5. Marlene Aguilar Martin del Campo

    Thank you for being a part of our Skoon family!

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