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Skoon Cat Litter for Single-Cat Households

Traditional clay cat litters are a problem. They’re dusty, they’re heavy and frankly, they don’t always work — oh yeah, and they stink.

You love your kitty. The investment is always worth the health, happiness and well-being of your furry soul mate. But what if you could have an amazing cat and amazing litter? Getting the best of both worlds doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. By utilizing simple, natural ingredients, Skoon kitty litter provides an easy alternative to traditional cat litter.

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Benefits of Online Subscription Cat Litter For Your Cat

If you didn’t already know, Skoon is a safe, non-clumping and mineral-rich litter that allows owners to experience the benefits of a fast-acting, highly absorbent and odorless effects of a biodegradable cat litter. What does that mean? Here are just a few benefits:

Benefits of Subscription & Online Order-Friendly Cat Litter

  • Large, absorbent pebbles
    • Designed to avoid tracking litter all over your house
  • Non-clumping and scoop-free properties
    • Perfect for your litter routine, spend less time cleaning the litter box and more time cuddling with your precious one.
  • Convenient, subscription or online purchase options
    • Subscription and online order options prevents back and knee strain, and our online option allows you to order Skoon kitty litter online and receive it right at your door!
  • Flexible Delivery Plans
    • Your wallet will love Skoon’s subscription and online purchase options
    • Skoon is available in a bag or a disposable box for clean-up convenience

Benefits for Your Kitty

  • Organic, naturally-occurring diatoms and minerals
    • Natural ingredients make Skoon hypoallergenic, assuring that your litter is safe for even the most sensitive kitties
    • A natural feel for your cats only adds to the natural experience
  • Safe, unscented and low-dust cat litter
    • The safe, natural litter ingredients quickly absorb and lock ammonia-heavy odors
  • Flexible Subscription or Online purchase Options
    • You’ll be spending less time worrying about your kitty litter and more time with your kitty!
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Say goodbye to your monthly or bi-weekly litter run!

Cats Aren’t the Only Ones Loving Skoon

Cats can get particularly picky about their litter, especially if the scent and feel of it are different. However, it’s worth mentioning that your relationship with their litter just as important.

Several litters are packed with scent-cloaking chemicals and deodorizers that can have a negative impact on the health of those in your home. If the cat litter you use also clumps, the chemical exposure, time and effort cleaning is even worse. If you are in the anti-clump category, finding the quality in a non-clumping litter can be impossible.

Your kitty’s health is our priority. Our diatom-enhanced blend ensures your cat won’t be exposed to harmful, artificial chemicals. With Skoon’s large litter granules, you won’t have to worry about your cat tracking it around the house, and because our litter is made from naturally absorbent ingredients, you won’t smell it, either.

You’d be a fool not to love that!


How to Know if Skoon Is Right for You

We understand that any kind of subscription is a commitment. So, if you…

  • Have limited mobility or trouble lifting heavier objects (like a full litter box)
  • Are looking for convenient litter alternatives
  • Have or foster a cat with health issues
  • Enjoy the perks of a natural litter
  • Require a scent-free home
  • Are searching for a quality, clump-free litter

…then Skoon is definitely for you!

Skoon is changing the way litter is made. Experience the benefits for yourself and your cat by being part of the movement (also known as meowvement!). Box or bag, Skoon will work for you. Start your subscription or buy online today!

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