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Online Cat Litter Subscription Options for Multiple Cats

Let’s get one thing out of the way: regular clay cat litters are a problem. They’re dusty, they’re heavy and frankly, your cats go through it way too quickly. Natural cat litters can be a solution, but they don’t always live up to the job when it comes to the odor-control needed may not have for multiple cat homes. Fortunately, Skoon is here to help.

By utilizing simple, natural ingredients, Skoon provides an easy alternative to traditional litter, online and monthly cat litter subscriptions. And with heavy-duty absorption in a lightweight package, Skoon will change your litter routine for the better.

Cat Litter Made for Multi-Cat Homes

Simply said, Skoon cat litter is a safe, lightweight and non-clumping cat litter that allows owners to experience the fast-acting and highly absorbent properties for an odor-free home.

At Skoon, we understand that most cat owners take care of at least one cat, if not more. Some foster cats, while others may just like a bigger family. But as the owner, what does our litter bring to your box? Here are a few benefits:

Benefits for You

  • Large, absorbent pebbles
    • Designed to avoid tracking litter all over your house
  • Non-clumping and scoop-free properties
    • Perfect for multi-cat homeowners with frequent litter routines
  • Convenient, subscription and online litter delivery options
    • Prevents back and knee strain of bending down and carrying heavier loads
    • Skoon is available in a bag or a disposable box for clean-up convenience

Benefits for Your Cats

  • Organic, naturally-occurring diatoms and minerals
    • Natural ingredients make Skoon hypoallergenic, assuring that your litter is safe for even the most sensitive kitties
    • A natural feel for your cats only adds to the natural experience
  • Safe, unscented and low-dust cat litter
    • The safe, natural litter ingredients quickly absorb and lock ammonia-heavy odors
    • Effective odor absorption prevents even the most territorial cats from using the rest of your home as their litter box
  • Online and Subscription Litter Deliveries
    • You’ll be spending less time at the store and more time loving your cats

Multi-Cat Homes Love Skoon

Depending on your situation, you may be focusing on the quantity of litter over quality. While that may not always be the case, so many cat litters are packed with scent-cloaking chemicals and deodorizers that can have a negative impact on your cat’s health.

If the cat litter you use also clumps, the chemical exposure, time and effort cleaning is even worse. And those in the anti-clump category, finding the quality in a non-clumping litter can be impossible.

Cats with respiratory and other health issues require special litters. Not to mention that for some, your own health and mobility makes searching for the right litter that much harder. So, even if your cats use the standard litter, your ability to keep the litter box fresh is critical.

With our diatom-enhanced, all-natural litter, your cat won’t be exposed to harmful, artificial chemicals. With Skoon’s large kitty litter pebbles, you won’t have to worry about your cat tracking it around the house. And because our litter is made from naturally-absorbent, odor-locking ingredients, you won’t smell it, either.


How to Know if Skoon Kitty Litter Is Right for You

We understand that switching kitty litters is a commitment. If you’re buying litter for multiple cats, you’re likely wondering how reliable it is and how much is provided. So, if you…

  • Care for multiple cats
  • Are physically limited or trouble lifting heavier objects
  • Are looking for convenient litter alternatives
  • Have a cat or multiple cats with health problems
  • Enjoy a natural litter
  • Require a scent-free home
  • Are searching for a quality, clump-free litter

…then Skoon cat litter is definitely for you!

Skoon is changing the litter game. Experience the benefits for yourself and your cat by being part of the movement. Box or bag, Skoon will work for you.

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